LED Showerhead Lights Up Your Shower Experience

Author xlxmarketing 20.10.2008. | 14:46

Who hasn’t done the shower hop? The move you do when the shower alternates between freezing cold and boiling hot. There’s a gadget now to put some color to the water, so it’ll match the ‘colorful phrases’ you use,LED color-changing shower head.

How is the LED color-changing shower head unique?

Here’s a gadget that’ll light up your bathroom at shower times, and make guessing the temperature accurately. There’s similar products out on the market right now but they’re usually twice the price and will only work for showers that have piping that’s all mounted inside the wall. This unit just screws into the hose and is designed to work off the hose fitting.

Who would buy the LED color-changing shower head?

Parents concerned about their children’s safety during shower times, students and people wanting to liven up their bathrooms would love this gadget.

Why would someone buy the LED color-changing shower head?

For some reason, the taps and water heaters used to control and drive showers have minds of their own. Even Eddie Izzard makes a point of talking about the sensitivity of shower knobs on his ‘Glorious’ CD which he groups with toasters as being machines that lie to you.

Here’s a cool gadget that’ll sort all of that out. It’d be fairly easy to install, with standard shower pipe fitting, runs off the energy generated by the flow of water and generates enough light to make your bathroom into a disco. It’s got four different lights (Green for cold, blue for warm, red for hot and flashing red for ZOMG). This would have to be the first gadget on the market which let you recreate the sights, sounds and feel of the shower scene in Psycho with the same device and without the knife.

What eBay keywords can I use?

shower head, gadget, light changing, LED, hot and cold, DIY

What will the LED color-changing shower head cost per unit?

Chinavasion: $14.00(Item will cost less if more than one piece is ordered)

What else should I know?

Manufacture specifications:

  • Primary function: Shower head with water temperature indicating LED light
  • Installation: 3/4″ fitting; comes with new metal hose or use existing hose
  • Water flow: approx 2.5 gallons per minute
  • Flow Type: Invigorating 3 layer circular out-to-in distribution
  • Showerhead colors/temperature:
    • GREEN; <=32deg C
    • BLUE; 33-41 deg C
    • RED; 42-45 deg C
    • FLASHING RED; >46 deg C
  • Material: Chrome coated ABS
  • Dimensions: 223mm x 80mm x 50mm (L x W x D)
  • Manufacturer Ref.: FZ30H13R3FJ9

Other Features:

  • No energy necessary; uses water current as energy source
  • Easy retrofit installation, just twist off your existing shower head and replace with the new one

Package Contents:

  • Model CVSCL-810 LED Showerhead
  • Wall bracket with up/down elbow
  • 58 Inch (150cm) long flexible metal hose
  • Mounting hardware

OK, So I like the LED color-changing shower head, what else would I like?

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Author xlxmarketing 20.10.2008. | 14:46
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