Three Movies That Needed A Car With A Rear View Camera

Author xlxmarketing 15.10.2008. | 20:38

How many movies use the humorous car accident as a plot device (or at the very least a memorable gag which heads directly to the trailer). Here are three movies which could have done with a car that had a rear view camera installed.

Don’t get too sad Henry, all you need is some wholesale car gadgets and you’ll be up on your feet again.

How many movies have plot devices that involve a humorous backing scene of some kind? We think things in movie land would be much safer if someone just invested in some wholesale rearview cameras.

You know the scene. It’s usually shown in one of two ways… either the party in question:

  • A) Has been insulted by another person and to gain revenge they back into that person’s car/bike and reply by saying ‘oops silly me’.
  • B) Says something like ‘relax I know exactly what I’m doing’ or ‘What else could go wrong?’ before backing into/over something valuable.

With the automotive safety equipment available now like wholesale rear-view cameras the protagonist wouldn’t have to worry about being part of that particular gag (or perhaps would be able to take a better aim).

Car Rear View Reversing Camera-PAL

Rear view camera fitted, hillarity averted.

And with some cool new wireless rear view camera systems available they wouldn’t even need to stall the plot to get them installed. Characters involved in a film which features a RV or trailer would probably especially appreciate a RV rear view camera.

Here are how some Hollywood movies would end differently if wholesale rear-view cameras were involved:

10 things I Hate About You

Almost everybody knows the film, 10 things I hate about you, the teen movie which ripped off the story and characters from a Shakespearian comedy and made it into its own. Is there any other kind of teen comedy? Kat, the shrew, is definitely a favorite character for many.

One of the scene-setting to let people know that Kat was a take-no-prisoners hard woman was where she backed into the main antagonist’s car after he failed to get out of the way.

Don’t worry Kat, I’m sure you’ll get him next time

While Kat is not someone who would do such a thing accidentally she may appreciate the better targeting possibilities a wireless rear view camera would provide. It would at least give her a better chance to hit hard-to targets like her father’s foot, Joey’s ‘family heirlooms or any tender part of anybody else who had ticked her off.


The reason Seth and Evan got their detergent bottles full of liquor in Superbad was because Francis (a.k.a creepy guy in a car) ran over Seth and then backed into him.

The result… excessive underage drinking, which by no means is a good thing.

Bad teenager… no more angst for you

Perhaps creepy guy in a car would have been in a better bargaining position if he had a car rear view camera and had known when to stop (or at least had looked in the rear-view mirror).

European Vacation

Not to be confused with the other equally-questionable sequel, Eurotrip, European Vacation was the 1985 family trip around Europe by Chevy Chase and co.

One of the big scenes of the movie was when Chevy backed into Stonehenge, causing it to topple like well-placed dominos.

Chevy would have no chance of reversing into the once-legendary structure if he had a back up camera system. With the wireless rear view cameras available even they should be able to install it without incident.

wireless rear view camera

Look ma, no wires

Any right minded individual would shudder if they saw an in-character Chevy Chase with a drill powerful enough to go through metal.

Author xlxmarketing 15.10.2008. | 20:38
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