Dash Cam’ing Like a Boss

Author xlxmarketing 2.8.2011. | 11:33

By David Mayes

Cruising along and relaxing all cool in your car, but suddenly a wild Ford Pinto appears and crashes into your pristine Cadillac Escalade. Now the paint job is ruined, and to make it worse, the perpetrator is blaming you for the crash! What a nerve, however you have nothing to show what really happened to prove your innocence, and it seems the other guy has some police connections. They secretly plot to put you in prison over some insane charges they make up; you’ll lose your great job, your dream home, your beautiful family. Your name blackened for all of history. All of this could have been avoided if you just had purchased the Eagle Dash Cam 1080!!

The Eagle Dash Cam is our best compact 1080p Full HD Portable Car DVR. It comes with a whole host of useful features whilst functioning as an in – car video recorder. You can record video with audio and motion detection, 2 LED lights to help improve low light situations, take snapshot pictures and rotate and position the camera how you want with its versatile swivel head and suction mount.

Eagle Dash Cam - 1080p Full HD Car DVR (HDMI, SD, Motion Detection)

Record your awesome driving skills and the crazy things that happen when you’re on the road, and be safe in the knowledge that whenever something wild happens, oh yeah, you have the evidence alright. With loop recording and a 32 GB compatible MicroSD card slot, you can endlessly record video and then keep all the juicy stuff.

Eagle Dash Cam - 1080p Full HD Car DVR (HDMI, SD, Motion Detection)

Ideal for both personal use and selling online, the Eagle Dash Cam 1080p is now in stock for immediate shipment worldwide. The Eagle Dash cam also comes with Chinavasion’s 12 month product warranty. Click here to learn more and check out some details!

Author xlxmarketing 2.8.2011. | 11:33
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  1. Mahedi Hasan August 2, 02:18

    Wow! everyone should to know the impotent fact before the buying a Dash Cam. You wrote the awesome impotent fact in this article.
    Thanks for sharing

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