Panasonic 150 Inch TV VS HD Projectors, Who’s The Real Winner

Author xlxmarketing 11.10.2008. | 15:36

TVs are like houses, the bigger they are the better they are…. right? I’ve come to the conclusion that the Panasonic 150 inch plasma TV isn’t all it can be and can be beaten hands down by and decent HD projector any day of the week (especially the HD Multimedia LCD Projector which can pump out a 120 inch picture).

The Panasonic might be 150 inches but it hasn’t got anything on the projector when it comes to convenience, cost and versatility. Especially when it’s got a HD Multimedia LCD Projector which can pump out a 120 inch picture to contend with.

The star of the show at the 2008 CES Forum, where all the big brands strut their stuff and technology bloggers descend on Las Vegas like flies on a dead carcass, was undoubtedly Panasonic’s 150 inch HD plasma TV ( A monster of a thing that not only wowed the crowds with its size but also with its fantastic resolution.

But in all reality it’s not exactly something you’d want to slap into your home, you’d be better off with a projector.

The 150 inch TV may look impressive but it’s not exactly something you’d want to watch neighbours on.

So it doesn’t matter if your talking about the cost, the dimensions or even the flatness you’re fighting a losing battle

Here’s how a HD projector beats the Panasonic 150 inch plasma TV hands down:

The Cost

Cost of the 150-inch TV: one hundred and 50 thousand dollars US. Cost of a high definition projector, multimedia projector or LCD projector, anything from 200 to 500 USD.

So while the 150 inch plasma screen is pretty much in the “if you gotta ask you can’t afford it” category HD projectors aren’t making them the affordable wholesale home theater solution to the problem.

hd multimedia lcd projector

Wholesale home theater equipment like the HD Multimedia LCD Projector. Not only is it a 120 inch screen for under 500 bucks but it also handles picture in picture screens without trouble.

The Size

Even if you had a spare one hundred or two hundred thousand floating around to waste spend on a huge TV screen then you might have more than a little difficulty getting it into your house. That is unless you’re happy about taking off your roof and lifting it in, or you actually live in a building that will accommodate such a big TV.

While a home projector may look like just a little box, once mounted it will throw out a huge image onto your wall, providing its far enough away, regardless if the image is 1080i or 720p.

The Flatness

Now, it may seem silly to criticize a big screen flat TV on its girth, there’s no comparison between that and the old tube sets for example but it will still stick out from the wall.

We admire projectors in wholesale home theater systems for the same reason that Mitch Hedburg likes beavers. It’s not wall side, it’s wall on!

So for the best home theater experience out there your only real option is devices like HD projector answers.

Author xlxmarketing 11.10.2008. | 15:36
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