Spy Cameras In The Office, How A Hidden Eye Can Be A Helping Hand For Staff — Part 2

Author xlxmarketing 9.10.2008. | 12:09

Looking to put surveillance equipment into the office? You’re paranoid about something happening to your firm, right? Here are three ways that spy surveillance cameras could actually help your staff lift their performance and the company increase efficiency. This is part two of a two-part blog.

Read Part One of this blog to find out how spy cameras and surveillance equipment can ease the pressure on people looking to get into or out of the company and how it can help you get the most information out of them.

It’s an easy way of keeping notes of meetings.

With a video spy security camera you’re able to record people at meetings and take minutes easier than with paper and without causing a stiff, formal and awkward atmosphere a handheld video camera would create.

For some reason off – the – cuff meetings seem to flow so much better than something that has a strict agenda where someone is taking down minutes.

For some reasons more seems to emerge from those unscheduled, free meetings than do in meetings with an agenda.

With a covert wireless spy camera like the calculator videocamera people can talk freely and bounce around ideas without fear and have everything recorded for easy replay later.

Training purposes

How often has a new person made a fatal mistake which could have been prevented?ad you been able to spot it the first time? How often has a new member of the company complained that something didn? work when not only did you know that it did but you were puzzled how they were mucking up the process?

This is where covert surveillance/monitoring comes into its own.

Hidden Spy cameras allow you to watch new members of staff without them feeling like you?e breathing down their back, or making you give up productive time that could be used for something else.

And when the time comes for that person? next training session you?l be able to give them very specific pointers about how to improve their performance at work and build their career.

Because the mini, hidden spy gadget can be moved it could theoretically be placed anywhere and be anything normal, like a calculator which won? raise suspicion but can be surreptitiously readjusted to get the right viewing/hearing angle.

spy calculator

So before you come to the conclusion that all spy surveillance is good for is making sure people aren? cheating you or eavesdrop on people? private conversations think again. There are some very valid, positive reasons to watch people while they work with spy surveillance equipment like the Calculator Videocamera and spy pen.

audio codec

Author xlxmarketing 9.10.2008. | 12:09
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