Chinavasion Launches The Phosphor Appear Watch

Author Chinavasion Marketing 11.7.2011. | 17:22

A vision of the future

Not all watches are equal. Nor should they be.

Welcome to the launch of our new line of revolutionary watches with an innovative display technology that has to be seen to be believed.

Chinavasion is proud to link up with one of the world’s most innovative watchmakers, Phosphor, to bring a brand new watch concept that embraces next-generation display technology to its customers – Phosphor Appear – Swarovski Crystal Watch.

Utilizing truly cutting edge digital watch technology for you to enjoy, get ready to literally go back to the future.

phosphor watch

Featuring state of the art Micro-Magnetic (M3D) technology in each watch display, the result is a stunning fusion of design, technology and engineering. The M3D electronic display in every Phosphor watch is meticulously manufactured to exacting, rigorous standards to give you an unparalled viewing experience.

How exactly does it work?

The Phosphor Appear™ watch is a triumph of extraordinary miniaturization and precision engineering. Micro-Magnetic Mechanical Digital™ (M3D) technology lies at the heart of this technology but how exactly does it work? To give you an insider view of the strict manufacturing process, let’s keep things simple:

  • The Phosphor Appear™ watch makes use of tiny sized rotors adorned with high quality Swarovski™ crystals that precisely rotate to display numerical or chronological information.
  • With each changing minute, a small electrical pulse creates an electromagnetic (EM) field through the tiny EM coils positioned beneath each corresponding rotor.
  • A tiny micro-magnet located within the rotor is repelled or pushed away by the magnetic field produced, causing it to rotate 180 degrees into its new position. This occurs faster than the eye can see, less than 10 milliseconds (0.01 seconds).

Limitless potential, endless possibilities

Representing the latest in state of the art digital display engineering, Micro-Magnetic Mechanical Digital™ (M3D) technology drives every Phosphor Appear™ watch. Adorned with crystals to provide a unique digital display experience, these are some of the key benefits:

  • Incredible display versatility: The forward-thinking design enables the rotatable rotors to be aligned in a number of different layouts, with the flexibility to affix any material onto the rotors – everything from Swarovski™ crystals, other previous metals and gems, to almost anything imaginable. This depth of freedom is almost unmatched in any modern electronic timepiece.
  • Extreme High Contrast: The M3D technology is able to provide some of the highest contrast of any digital display commercially available today, even matching that of ink on paper.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Designed to be extraordinarily efficient and for maximum optimization, the display technology only draws power when the display transitions from one time to another meaning that the display requires no power to maintain an image.
  • Wide Viewing Angle: With an effective viewing cone of 180°, M3D technology offers some of the widest off-axis viewing angles to enable the user to comfortably read the time from any angle.

The staggering versatility of such revolutionary technology therefore allows almost any surface to become a display, unlocking endless possibilities and creating a rich tapestry of information around us to create maximum visual impact.

Ride the Chinavasion technology wave

Innovative, cool and fun, prepare to be dazzled as the state of the art is redefined with Phosphor watches. Chic was yesterday, cool is today. The time is now.

Head over to our Phosphor Appear – Swarovski Crystal Watch product page to enjoy the first of a revolutionary new product line.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 11.7.2011. | 17:22
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