Competition Time! Lend Us Your Brain and Win Prizes!

Author xlxmarketing 30.6.2011. | 15:07

Recently, we’ve been quite busy being infatuated and mesmerized by this new Phosphor watch

Phosphor Watch

Wait, don’t tell me you haven’t heard of Phosphor? They only make the most unique, innovative, and attractive mechanical watches in the world! The one we’re playing with has crystals that shine like star, a distinctive ticking sound that resonates within the soul (thanks to their patented M3D – Micro-Magnetic Mechanical Digital technology), and… oops, it hasn’t been launched yet and we almost gave it all away!

Anyway, we are so impressed with this timepiece that we’ve decided to give out a special gift to a few lucky Phosphor watch holders out there! All you have to do is take a picture of yourself with a Phosphor watch while holding a note with a cool slogan, e.g.: “Phosphor Watch – changing time forever.

That’s it! Email it to and the five best entries (based on slogan and picture creativity) will win a super cool EL-Shirt – Sound Activated Light Shirt for Parties!

EL-Shirt - Sound Activated Light Shirt for Parties (Hip-Hop-L)EL-Shirt - Sound Activated Light Shirt for Parties (Skeleton-L)EL-Shirt - Sound Activated Light Shirt for Parties (Bottle-XL)

So if you know of a friend, family member (even that really distant Uncle Bob), or co-worker who is the proud owner of a Phosphor watch, then get in touch with them immediately because this special event ends on July 6th, 2011 at 5PM (UTC+8).

Now let’s move! We expect to see the beauty of Phosphor watches shine from every corner of the world! In the meantime keep an eye on for the launch of the Phosphor Watch very soon! Good luck!

Author xlxmarketing 30.6.2011. | 15:07
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  1. Sylvester Rawlins July 4, 05:30

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  2. Artin July 28, 15:09

    Unusual Novelty Gifts I love this kind of’s unique for me..wanted to have one..

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