DVB Digital TV Tuner Turns Your Computer Into A Complete Entertainment System

Author xlxmarketing 30.9.2008. | 15:21

In case you hadn’t heard broadcast television is finally going digital. But before you turf all of your televisions and get the credit card/overdraft ready for the digital tv revolution just stop and have a look around at gadgets that are currently available, like the DVB digital TV tuner with USB plug. Getting ready for the digital television revolution isn’t necessarily as difficult as you think.

dvb digital tv tuner usb

DVB Digital TV Tuner – USB [CVSB-995-USB]

How is the DVB digital TV tuner with USB plug unique?

The DVB Digital TV Tuner isn’t the first satellite receiver dongle out on the market for the PC… in fact there are several available in Chinavasion’s Digital television category. Unlike other dongles that give you tv on your PC the DVB Digital TV Tuner isn’t fussy, picking up and playing analog TV signals as well as DVB S and DVB T transmissions. So people in places with DVB should have their bases covered any way they go.

Who would buy the DVB digital TV tuner with USB plug?

People looking to get a second television into the house… those living in small surroundings who don’t have space for two screens and those who want to update their television ahead of the changeover but don’t want to pay a fortune will love this USB accessory.

Why would someone buy the DVB digital TV tuner with USB plug?

World television is quickly heading down the digital route. US broadcasters will stop sending out analog NTSC signals as of 2009 and most of Europe will gradually phase out analog transmissions, changing completely to digitally transmitted TV in 2012.

Not everybody wants to make the change over with their home theater set-up. That’s fair enough when you consider you’re putting down a fair amount of money on your TV and not everybody likes to buy the latest set with the latest features, just so they can get digital TV. The DVB USB solves the problem by making your computer share some of the workload. It’s pretty compact has a remote to let you work your computer just like you would a TV set and some software to rip record TV shows onto your computer for later enjoyment.

What eBay keywords can I use?

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What will the DVB digital TV tuner with USB plug cost per unit?

Chinavasion: $37.50(Item will cost less if more than one piece is ordered)

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Author xlxmarketing 30.9.2008. | 15:21
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