Wow, This Spy Camera Bends The Way You Want It To

Author xlxmarketing 29.9.2008. | 15:31

Want to check that a pipe or a ceiling plenum is up to scratch without stretching or crouching? Or do you want to find out what’s going on behind doors and walls without checking them? A spy camera designed for the army might be the answer… the flexible pinhole camera.

flexible pinhole camera

The flexible pinhole camera will sort out your need to check out nooks, crannies and other hidden spots in a flash.

If there were two things that tradesmen, plumbers, builders and building inspectors hated the most it may well be:

  1. Going to excessive lengths just to check something which is in an awkward place.
  2. And getting to an appointment, having nobody answer the door, only to find later that someone was actually there.

There’re now some military – type spy stuff out on the market to help civilians with these problems. Several pieces of military-grade spy equipment guaranteed to help out the tradesman in their battle to make sure everything is shipshape.

This is so much so the case that we’ve fallen in love with one particular spy video camera — the inspection and surveillance video camera.Here’s why:

The Flexible Pinhole Camera Has A Bendy Neck

Making sure the ceiling plenum, area behind electrical wall panels, or inside working covers normally requires either a ladder (for ceiling plenum inspection) a great deal of unscrewing things and taking things apart (for electrical wall panels) or getting down on your hands and knees and eyeballing a potentially smelly problem (for pipes).

With a snake camera you don’t need to worry about hauling out the ladder, unnecessarily taking something apart or putting your nose in close range to something less than pleasant. That’s because the sewer camera (or snake camera as they are better known) has a neck that can be bent into any shape needed to get into the space. This makes them the most flexible (and potentially most discrete) type of pinhole video camera you’ll see on the market.

It Has An Incredibly Small Head

The camera and microphone are housed in a casing that measures 5.5mm on average. That’s narrower than the gap between most doors and door frames and small enough to get into almost any test tee or cleanout plug.

This means that you can use this type of camera to check out potential problem areas not normally accessible or see whether or not someone is really there when making a house call.

It Has A Microphone

Just like you can’t tell a book by its cover not all faults can be checked just by visual means alone… you need to hear what’s going on, this is especially true if you’ve got the mini spy video camera under a door.

Some pipe cameras being made by China spy camera manufacturers, like the flexible pinhole camera have microphones, with one model in particular getting a signal to noise ratio of anything above 48 decibels. That’s sensitive enough to hear a normal conversation within that area, or moderately loud knock.

It Shows Pictures In Color

Just as a silent snake camera is no good at spotting certain flaws, a pipe camera that doesn’t show colors is no good either. This particular flexible camera has a color camera system that works in either NTSC or PAL.

Are you interested in getting a covert spy camera that lets you inspect awkward spots? A flexible pinhole camera that sends color images and sound to a separate MP4 receiver? Then this might be the camera for you.

audio codec

Author xlxmarketing 29.9.2008. | 15:31
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