Projector Phone Takes Cool To Next Level

Author xlxmarketing 26.9.2008. | 17:10

How cool would it be to pull out your cell phone and use it just like a projector? It’s possible,it’s called the projector phone and it just might be the coolest thing we see this year.

Here’s the projector phone…. the coolest cell phone to come out of the China cellphone wholesale industry this year.


How cool would it be if you could just pull out your phone at a meeting and use it to show potential customers your sales pitch? Or watch a movie the way it should be watched when you’re on the bus. There are ways to do this now thanks to a device called the projector phone, the latest and greatest in convergence and our new most favorite gadget.

Multimedia phones and smart phones are great, they can play MP4s, show pictures, play songs and TV shows in some cases. However, they don’t provide the most enjoyable viewing experience, unless you like looking at a very small screen.

How good would it be if you could jam a projector into an unlocked cell phone and then throw that image or movie clip onto a wall? That’s exactly what Chinavasion, the china cellphone wholesale source, has done with their projector phone.

projector phone

These are some reasons why we’ve fallen in love with the projector phone.


It’s great for impromptu lessons and meetings

Speaking as a person who occasionally had to do presentations in other people’s buildings there’s not always a projector when you want one.

You can’t lug one around with you all the time…they are too bulky and have lenses that can be dislodged.

The projector phone takes care of that. It’s so small that it’ll fit in your bag and tough enough to handle a bit of rattling. You won’t need to worry about having a working projector when you get to a new location.

Watching movies takes on a whole new level of enjoyment

Long bus trips and lunch breaks have one thing in common, there’s usually nothing to do.
Watching clips on your multimedia phone is one option but being able to make them bigger is even better, if you’re on public transport, shine it onto the back of a seat.

It’s always on you

The cell phone is almost as essential an item to carry around as your keys, or wallet so throwing the projector into the mobile phone means you’ll always have it there when you need it.

This means that no matter where you are or what you’re doing you’re always going to have a projector on you when you need it. It’ll be right there on your unlocked cell phone.

Mobile phones with projector functions are certainly the way of the future… an exercise in convergence that anybody would love. Check them out today at Chinavasion.


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Author xlxmarketing 26.9.2008. | 17:10
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