Internet Makes Digital Picture Frame Essential Desk Gadget

Author xlxmarketing 25.9.2008. | 04:11

Would you like a cute digital photo frame for your cubicle that’ll also show Google Calendar appointments and Yahoo Weather Forecasts? Here is one cute digital picture frame with internet features that’ll let you do that.

There’s little out there in the world of office gadgets that’s as cute or as multi functional as the digital photo frame with internet features.

Looking for a digital photo frame with internet connectivity, how big would it have to be do you think? Seven inches, 10 inches… 14 inches perhaps. Here’s the first 2.4 inch model of a digital picture frame.

This digital photo frame with internet features is just right for the office desk and I think I’ve found the USB gadget that I can truly love.

The world is filling up with clear desks as companies grow and workspaces get smaller and more ‘productive’. Photo frames, cartoons and papers are going the way of the dodo as managers try to push work to the forefront of people’s attentions.

Organisational tools are also no longer safe. The problem isn’t so much keeping sane or marking your territory any more it’s the battle to try to hold onto all those useful organizational tools like the calendar.

The desk situation is getting very crowded at some places of work.

Who knew that something as ‘unproductive’ as a digital picture frame could be the organising saviour in the workplace… The digital photo frame with internet features is such a device.

Here are some more reasons why we love the digital photoframe with internet features:

It Shows You Appointments On Your Google Calendar, And Lets You Know When They’re Up

You’re essentially cramming a calendar, appointment reminder and dedicated weather service into a 2.4 inch device.

Imagine being able to be told when that appointment with the boss is without loosing any workspace. Imagine being able to tell whether you need an umbrella or not without having to click three pages on your main computer. That’s productivity even your manager is going to have difficulty arguing with.

It will get pictures from your ‘my pictures’ account, or your flikr account.

How many pictures can you fit on your desk? Perhaps you could fit one or two but even that would be risky considering many company’s clean desk policies.
So instead of showing off just one picture of the family holiday, you’ll be able to show of all of them and do so without needing an acre of desk space or a lengthy data-transfer service.

It’s Small And Cute.

Most digital picture frames are 7-10 inches big and suit a wall better than a flat surface. The digital photoframe with internet features comfortably sits on your desk at 2.4 inches (that’s about the same size as your handy MP4 Player) and a cute stand this will look at home on any desk.

So what could be better than a digital photoframe with internet features? With current moves towards smaller desks and more productive lives I don’t think there’s much. With a price that’s well under the 30 US dollar mark this has to go on your Christmas wish list or Christmas gift list for any desk jockeys that you might know.

Author xlxmarketing 25.9.2008. | 04:11
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  1. Tom December 23, 12:49

    A frame showing my google appointments sounds great, but 2.4 inches is much too small. If it were 8 inches I would want one.

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