The Top Five Factory Quality Problems Chinavasion QC Catches, So Customers Don’t Get Hit

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.5.2011. | 09:33

By Robbie Zhang

China is rapidly becoming the world’s factory. Tons of amazing products, especially consumer electronics, are manufactured here inside numerous factories on this great land. However, every light has its shadow and the inside of these factories may not be as clean as the outside. It’s not rare that you will find people who try to stuff their own wallet and take advantage of customers by providing some bad quality products.

Although, as the sharp customer as you are, we believe it’s not too hard to reveal their stupid tricks if you are here in China. However, what if you are far away? Then the best choice will be Chinavasion, the only online wholesaler in China who has a professional QC team to ensure you always get the highest quality products at lowest possible price. We have plenty, but let’s see the top five quality problems caught by our QC team:

Function failure

When you buy an electronic product, you actually buy it for its function or usability. It’s not like buying clothes, where you can easily tell the quality just by looking at. For electronics, there is no other shortcut but to get your hands on it and test it yourself. However, buying from Chinavasion means you’ve already had our professional QC service check everything before shipment. We will be your hands in China to test every function of your products, not just major ones, but all the details, and not just sample test a few pieces, but 100% inspection. This way, we make sure only fully functional products are passed to you.

If your Fingerprint Time Attendance Door System fails

Appearance defects

Regarding appearance, many Chinese factories don’t take it as a serious issue,
but Chinavasion QC does and we pay much attention to it. We believe that
everything goes to our customers should be as beautiful as the pictures shown on
our website. Thus, we will become your eyes here to inspect the appearance of an
item by a higher standard than any Chinese factory. Every scratch, blemish,
crack on the product or anything out of the ordinary will be determined
immediately as faulty. We find that our pursuit of perfectness in a product even
leads to more and more Chinese factories changing their mind-set and aiming to
manufacture a better product.

Faulty display

This is another quality problem often found in the normal inspection process of QC, which often happens to products with screens. Though rare, we did catch some abnormal display cases, like white screen, blue screen, and display mess due to software mistake or IC defects. Besides that, in terms of display, what we really keep an eye on is the dead pixels on the screen. Normally, Chinese factories are not very strict on that since good screens costs a lot. In order to prevent that problem, Chinavasion QC checks them piece by piece in a very careful way and with a strict standard.

A bright pixel

Bad accessories

Accessories, although a minor factor of the product, is also the major aspect that Chinese factories try to save their money on, because they think you may not notice it when you first receive the product (how naïve!). Having a professional QC team, Chinavasion won’t let that happen to our dear customers. What we do is check the product content list every time to make sure everything is right inside the box and also inspect every accessory just like a particular product.

Faulty battery

Power problem

This problem includes different kinds of situations: DOA (dead on arrival), bad connection, charging problem or battery faulty etc. In our 100% inspection process, such problems will be detected right away, and you don’t have to worry about it.

The buttons light up, but it cannot turn on

These are the top five factory quality problems Chinavasion QC catches, but not all. Actually for every individual product, we follow a complete and strict SOP (standard operation procedure) to inspect and make sure even a tiny small aspect of quality will be well taken care of. If you worry about the battery, there is our QC for that; If you worry if the box is well-protected, there is QC for that; If you care about whether or not the product can operate in your language as it’s described on the website, there is QC for that; Does the Bluetooth work well, oh, yes: There is QC for that!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.5.2011. | 09:33
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