From Shelf to Consignee – The Chinavasion Delivery Process

Author Chinavasion Marketing 10.5.2011. | 09:58

Join Emily Huang as she shows us how orders are processed at Chinavasion!

By Emily Huang


“What a nice breezy day! Fabulous! ” Bernie thinks to himself in bed while looking out the window. “All those hot and sweaty days… today a backup T-shirt won’t be needed.” He thought to himself while putting on his clothes.

The printer is already working when Bernie gets to his desk. What comes out is the most important part of his daily work: The “Packing List”. Bernie uses this paper to pick out products from the shelves in warehouse.

Bernie and his co-workers circulate from shelf to shelf with their carts, which are always full. The warehouse is usually quiet, but there is still an intense and busy atmosphere.

He moves quickly with his cart and carefully. It is about to be passed to the Checking Clerk, James, who is the 1st “firewall” that prevents any incorrect products from flowing to next step.

Through the 1st firewall, Bernie’s orders are separately moved to a different shelf which belongs to the packing guys.

“Hey, Bernie, why don’t you guys pick out small orders first? Give us some work to do! ” Says Jake.

“Come on, Jake! You know how we work. We need to finish picking work in balance. Relax, orders are coming!” Bernie gives Jake a big smile and goes back to those shelves.

Those packing guys have a really quick temper. But who doesn’t? We all hope those products arrive to the customers quickly.

The packing room is in full swing.

The boys wear short sleeves with the air-conditioning running.

Jake and his fellows pack products into cardboard cases. Some of them are customized while others are DIY. That’s why no matter how many product combinations there are, they can always be packed into a suitable case. Attached to each package is an order number sticker. Since the labels are hand-written, they are the approval stamps from our packing guys. This team is the 2nd “firewall” Chinavasion builds.

A pile of packages are pulled into the Freight room. Here is where Chinavasion turns packages to shipments.

“Where should I place these UPS orders? ” May asks.

“Just leave them on the table behind you, darling.” Charles is always a sweet guy to girls, sometimes too sweet to bear.

“Prince” Charles then picks up the “picking lists” clamped to the boxes and begins to perform his magic.

He sits in the middle of two printers. One produces invoices while another one makes Air Way Bills. My god, he looks like he is being pulled into the monitor!

Just look around, you will find everyone in the freight room with a serious look as long as they are “playing magic”. Tons of data can never be a joke. A miss is as good as a mile here. Freight people compose of the final “firewall”.

“Hey, Big Liu, it’s been a while. How’s everything?”

“Haha , same old same old!” The UPS’s big brother always looks spirited in his uniform. “How many consignments today?” he asks.

“Easy, just around 300, haven’t you been used to this?”

“I guess I have to apply for more people next month.”

Like always, couriers men come and go in a short time.

Hundreds of packages then begin the journey to their destinations – every corner around the world.

“Coco, it’s time to go home. Why aren’t your girls moving?”

“We are leaving! Just one more email to customer. I have to reply to him today. DHL just told me the German Customs released his package, I think Mr. Constantine will be very happy to hear about this. Now his customer would better arrange a delivery time with DHL. ” Coco doesn’t stop typing while answering Jenny.

“How about you, Star?”

“I guess I’m able to leave in 5 minutes. FedEx just throws another emergency case to me. I’d better let customer know about this, the sooner the better. ” Stars smiles to Jenny then gets back to work.

“Where is Emily?”

“I’m here, under the desk!” Yep, here I am, unplugging the USB flash driver. “I’m almost finished with this blog, let me insert these pictures to make it clearer to readers.”

It’s time to make an ending. Delivery never ends just like our business with customers all over the world.

Tomorrow is another day. See you at!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 10.5.2011. | 09:58
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  1. Chris May 10, 11:30

    This is awesome! It is great to see that Chinavasion is happy to show us exactly what goes on behind the scenes 🙂 Keep up the good work.

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    Hi Izaias,

    Thank you for your comment. Please send your inquiry to Our customer service will help you with that.

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