Car DVD Players, How 1DIN Car DVD Players Rule The Roost

Author xlxmarketing 23.9.2008. | 18:11

Do you want the coolest car DVD players on the market today? You could be forgiven for thinking that you need a 2 DIN system but you’d be wrong. Here are two cool 1 DIN car DVD players that will change the way you think about car DVD players.

If you were looking around at the car DVD market of today you just may think that the only way you were going to get a cool car DVD player, perhaps one that could pick up digital television signals then you were going to have to get a 2 DIN unit.

In fact some people feel so strongly that this is the case that they’re willing to cut a great big hole in their dash, just so they can fit a 2 DIN system into their car.

But before you go crazy with the skill saw you might want to have a look around at some of the cool 1 DIN in car DVD players coming out these days.

It seems that makers of car audio and visual equipment have realized that good things really do come in little packages.

In fact, if you’re looking for a car DVD that lets you plug just as much in the front as you can in the back, or a car DVD player that lets you watch digital television then 1 DIN is the place you want to be.

So what 1 DIN in car DVD players have the functions that 2 DIN players just can’t compete with?

Car DVD Player with DVB-T – 1-DIN 5.0 Inch Touchscreen LCD

Car DVD Player with DVB-T - 1-DIN 5.0 Inch Touchscreen LCD

Why buy a car DVD player if, in a couple of years it won’t be able to pick up TV stations? The car DVD player with DVB-T does that and more, picking up analog TV signals, radio stations as well as playing CDs, DVDs and acting as a bluetooth car kit.

This 5 inch touch screen has a fantastic range of outputs and inputs and lets you plug everything from a rear camera, USB, iPod and even a sub woofer. It’ll play all sorts of different disks and digital formats. And what’s more this comes for a price that’ll definitely have you smiling.

Unlike many 1 DIN touchscreen car DVD players on the market it can get DVB-T or digital television, and unlike many car entertainment systems that pick up DVB-T signals it won’t cost you the earth.

Car Video DVD Player – Single Din 7 Inch Touchscreen LCD

Car Video DVD Player - Single Din 7 Inch Touchscreen LCD

Put that footage on the big screen when you’re on the road. How cool would it be to take that raw footage that you just shot with your camcorder/movie camera and throw it onto the car DVD player to make sure you’ve got what you wanted? But before you start have you checked that you’ve got that USB connection that your in dash car DVD player is craving? No? Then you’re not going anywhere (after all round objects don’t go in square holes).

The single DIN car video DVD player is a horse of a different color. This touch screen car DVD player is a lot more accommodating about what you can plug into and where you can plug it in, making it extremely easy to use. It’s priced quite reasonably too, making in-car entertainment a cheap and easy option.

If you want a car entertainment system and your vehicle only has space for a 1 DIN system then you don’t need to despair, there are more enough options available.

Author xlxmarketing 23.9.2008. | 18:11
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