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Author Chinavasion Marketing 22.4.2011. | 16:25

By Shirley Shi

Chinavasion stock update RSS feed is an online page for customers to know the availability of stock of Chinavasion products.

This feed is composed of three parts: re-listed products, offline and de-listed products. Re-listed products are products currently in stock in our warehouse and available for purchase anytime. Compared to products which have been “de-listed” permanently from the Chinavasion website, offline products are items that are only temporarily unavailable and will be sold again momentarily.

Why should customers consider subscribing to Chinavasion’s stock update RSS feed? One big benefit to the wholesaler, drop shipper or ebay reseller, it allows those who are subscribed to this page to view and scan through multiple information about product stock availability in a timely fashion, thereby preparing them in advance of an item or product change or availability which could affect their own websites, stock and order systems and eventually, sales. Also, by being subscribed to Chinavasion’s stock update RSS feed, any consumer can acquire full control of his/her purchases as well as be able to predict when best to place an order from our website.

Here are a few questions posed by our customers and our answers regarding RSS stock level update;

Q1: How often is the RSS feed updated?

A: The stock level is updated and fed to subscribers daily!
Q2: You gave me a date on the feed about when the product would be back but it is still ‘closed’ on that day!

A: Sorry about that! This is inevitable due to a couple reasons: 1) The product was so sought-after that it ran out of stock immediately after we put it online. 2) The factory producing the product failed to deliver on time due to the lack of raw material. In the latter case, please contact our Customer Support staff at to get a new estimated date of availability.
Q3: I try to search for a product the RSS feed says is available but the response I get is that the item is still unavailable.

A: It takes a very short while for our system to update a new piece of information. Please be patient. If the information you are looking for does not show up in a timely manner, please email us and we would be glad to assist with your query.
Q4: This product is sold out but I can’t find the update from your RSS feed.

A: Please wait until the following day. If it’s still not there by then, please inform us and we will help you out.

Here’s the quick and simple 3-step process to subscribe to Chinavasion’s stock update RSS feed:

Step One: Go to the Chinavasion News, Click where it says, “ATT: Chinavasion Stock Levels” on the top left-hand bar of the page under, “Chinavasion News”. See red arrow in the figure below:

Step Two: Click the orange RSS logo ( ) on the far right end of the URL address bar, “Subscribe to Chinavasion Stock Update Category Feed”(see below). You will immediately be brought to the next step in the process.

Step Three: Add the RSS feed to your Google homepage, Google Reader or subscribe using other RSS readers displayed in the drop-down menu and hit, “Subscribe Now”.
Congratulations, you’re done! Of course, the very last stage (and point to all this exercise) is to religiously check out your RSS Reader everyday to update yourself with Chinavasion’s stock levels!
Happy updating!

For more information, please click here to find out how to get Chinavasion stock updates by email or RSS

Author Chinavasion Marketing 22.4.2011. | 16:25
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