Meet The MP3 That Sparkles As Much As Your Songs

Author xlxmarketing 16.9.2008. | 18:41

Do you need a MP3 player necklace to make life fun again? Don’t want something dull and boring and predictable? You’ve got to check out this MP3 player necklace from Chinavasion. The MP3 player with glam.

Give your niece the gift of music and jewelry with the MP3 player necklace.

Wouldn’t you like a MP3 necklace that looks and feels like a necklace?

Most MP3 necklaces on the market these days are either sticks or crosses and don’t exactly look that attractive when you’ve got them on.

That’s not a problem you’re going to have with Chinavasion’s MP3 player… the coolest, sparkliest MP3 necklace on the market today.

Here are some reasons why we think the MP3 necklace is the coolest thing in our universe


It Looks Hot

If you wanted a MP3 that you could wear as jewelry and you don’t want a stick or a religious symbol then before you would be out of luck.

The MP3 necklace is very much the exception though with a stunning blue metallic centerpiece set in a sparkling silver-toned pendant…. with fantastic gem-like pieces around the pendant you know that this a very special piece for your collection.

It’s Water Resistant

With a piece like this it almost begged to be taken to the beach or river but then you wouldn’t want to risk it getting wet.

The metal case almost completely protects the inner electronics from water making it a great all-weather MP3.

cross mp3 player 4gb two color lcd display super mini 4 gb mp3 player water resistant
super mini 4gb mp3 player water resistant

It’s Simple To Use

The buttons on this MP3 are incredibly well positioned and are very easy to use. This makes finding your favorite song or turning the volume up or down.

It means that you’ll never lose your favorite track or risk be deafened.

So, if you’ve got a birthday coming up for that special niece in your family, or if you just want something to keep a class of girls inline then you’re definitely going to have to check out the MP3 necklace. It’s the prettiest MP3 player you’ll see from China this year.


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Author xlxmarketing 16.9.2008. | 18:41
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  1. Joey September 24, 23:30

    it is very nice..
    How do you load music to the device?

  2. patrick September 26, 02:49


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