Secrets Of The Ultra Rich Dropshipper: Japanese LED Watches

Author xlxmarketing 8.3.2011. | 18:15

By Michael Wong

Red hot Japanese LED watches! Get your red hot Japanese LED watches!

Hey there mister, 2 weeks to go before these amazing LED watches are sold in MOQ (minimum order quantity) bundles. There’s still time to get them as single piece orders whether you’re looking to level up your sense of style of whether you’re interested in getting a dropship test sample, click add to cart now before time runs out.

For The Geek In You: Nothing appeals to your inner geek like a geeky gadget and these gadgety timepieces are as geek as it gets. Don’t think of them as watches…think of them as wrist tricorders! ATTENTION: wearing of said geek watches will not increase your girlfriend getting probability but will definitely give you +5 geek cred at all comic-cons.

For The Businessman In You: As nice as these watches would look on your wrist, they will look even better in your wallet. Picture this: You sit down at your computer and you take a drink of chocolate milk from your favorite cup. You google “Japanese LED Watches” and what you see makes you cough and spray your chocolate milk all over your screen!

You fall back in your chair, not caring that your screen is covered in upchuck chocolate milk, too stunned to talk because you cannot accept that some people on the Internet are selling these Japanese watches for 10x, sometimes 20x what Chinavasion is selling them for.

And then you get that feeling. The same feeling shared by some of the greatest minds in history.

Rene Descartes had the feeling when he asserted “I think therefore I am.” Marie Curie had it when she discovered Polonium and again when she discovered Radium.

It’s called a “Eureka” Moment, attributed to Archimedes who reportedly uttered the word while taking a bath and as a result discovered the ingenious method of measuring the volume of irregularly shaped objects by submersing them in water.

As for your Eureka moment, let’s just see if we can’t imagine what was going through your mind just now…

OMFG!!!! Chinavasion is selling these watches for 10 bucks!!! But most people are selling them for 100 even 200 bucks!!! This is the opportunity of a lifetime! I can like do…LED watch arbitrage! Buy low and sell high…but must be careful to be not as high as most people. Hehe. Giggle. OMG OMG I’m gonna be rich!

Like we said, red hot Japanese LED watches! Get your red hot Japanese LED watches!

Zero Kelvin - Japanese Blue LED Watch The One Kelvin - Japanese Style Mid-Sized Blue LED Watch Two Kelvin - Japanese Inspired LED Watch Pack
The Continuum - Japanese Multicolor LED Watch The Singularity - Japanese Multicolor LED Watch The Cylon - Japanese Multicolor LED Watch
The Warp Core - Japanese Style Blue LED Watch Alpha Centauri - All Metal Red LED Watch Sauron - Japanese Inspired LED Watch
Influx - Japanese Inspired Red Orange Green LED Watch Cryogen - Japanese Inspired LED Watch Iron Geisha LED Watch
Mizuken - Japanese Inspired LED Watch Combinator - Green Orange Japanese LED Watch MechX - Japanese Inspired White LED Watch
Abyss Lite - Japanese Inspired Blue LED Touchscreen Watch Zero Kelvin Gold - Japanese Inspired LED Watch Genome - Japanese Inspired Red Yellow Green LED Watch
Author xlxmarketing 8.3.2011. | 18:15
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  1. Jacqueline Staal June 18, 05:36

    Got it, but how to replace the battery ??

  2. xlxmarketing Author June 20, 10:26

    Please contact our customer service at if you need to replace any battery after you received the battery within one month.

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