HD Multimedia LCD Projector, Get That 120-Inch Home Theater for Under 500 Bucks

Author xlxmarketing 12.9.2008. | 12:14

It was pretty exciting news when Panasonic gave everybody a preview of its 150 inch HD plasma TV (gizmodo.com/337514/holy-shit-150+inch-panasonic-plasma-hdtv-at-ces) at CES this year but for the average person there were two problems: A, they wouldn’t be able to get it into their house. And, B, if somebody is lucky enough to live in a barn gadget watchers have predicted it will cost $150,000 when it’s released in 2009. Here’s a HD multimedia LCD projector with 120 inch display that will give you almost the same sized screen for less than 500.

HD Multimedia LCD Projector – 120 Inch Beauty [CVSAK-3302]

How is the HD multimedia LCD projector with 120 inch display unique?

There may be other projectors on the market but this model is definitely a step-up when it comes to HD performance and multimedia capabilities on a budget. It’s picture in picture capabilities, the ability to play all standard and HD definitions from 460i to 1080i a raft of plug ins as well as a very nice remote and a couple of other very cool functions.

Who would buy the HD multimedia LCD projector with 120 inch display?

Sports bar owners, hard core AV fans, gamers, people doing presentations, schools and people who want that high-quality HD standard in their home theaters would love this projector.

Why would someone buy the HD multimedia LCD projector with 120 inch display?

If you’re looking for a really really big HD home media/entertainment experience and you don’t have a barn, or have $150,000 floating around in an old shoe box, then this is a very good option.

All of your HD needs should be filled with 1080i, 720P, 576P, 480P, 576i and 480i definitions being supported. It’s also got a whole lot of snazzy features including: a remote that can drive everything, the complete host of inserts and picture in picture display. This is definitely one projector that will make, and not break a party.

What eBay keywords can I use?

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What will the HD multimedia LCD projector with 120 inch display cost per unit?

Chinavasion: $460(Item will cost less if more than one piece is ordered)

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Author xlxmarketing 12.9.2008. | 12:14
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