Calculator Videocamera, Spy On Your Colleagues Like Never Before

Author xlxmarketing 12.9.2008. | 01:27

There’s nothing worse than having a cubicle that’s suffered an attack from the office ninjas or cube farm pirates. One day pens, paper and stationary
a plenty, the next morning… bare cubicle. But thankfully you should be able to sort the office ninjas from your trusted co-workers with the calculator videocamera the latest and greatest office-themed spy gadget to hit the market.

Calculator Videocamera – Ultimate Wireless Office Surveillance [CVSD-627]

How is the calculator videocamera ultimate wireless office surveillance unique?

Spy surveillance cameras aren’t anything new and have have come in everything from clothing to wall ornaments. Nobody will expect a working calculator to harbor a spy camera and, as it’s wireless, has it’s own microphone, feeds to a receiver which can hold several hours of footage and can be switched on and off by remote why should they?

Who would buy the calculator videocamera ultimate wireless office surveillance?

People losing things at the office, victims of office ninjas and anybody wanting to keep a record of meetings and interviews without unnerving colleagues will definitely want one of these spy calculators.

Why would someone buy the calculator videocamera ultimate wireless office surveillance?

It’s a damn shame that you can’t always trust your colleagues. But you can’t exactly leave a full-sized video camera lying around the office, it might raise suspicions. And spy cameras hidden in objects tend to get all to discovered when the target goes to borrow something.

Here’s where the calculator videocamera it’s a camera hidden inside a working calculator and video camera hidden inside a working calculator. Not only is the calculator not going to give you away. With feeds to the receiver being wireless you won’t have a wire giving you away. The remote control and 2G of potential external memory you shouldn’t have to fiddle with anything too much. What could be better to keep a record of interviews where the interviewee is nervous about being recorded.

What eBay keywords can I use?

What will the calculator videocamera ultimate wireless office surveillance cost per unit?

Chinavasion: $193.75(Item will cost less if more than one piece is ordered)

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Author xlxmarketing 12.9.2008. | 01:27
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