Solar Power DIY, Foldable Solar Panel For Homemade Solar Powered Backpack

Author xlxmarketing 9.9.2008. | 19:02

Anybody looking to tap into the whole ‘green-energy’ movement has a couple of solar backpacks to choose from now. You’ll have to be ready to drop a wad of green to pay for all that green energy you’re getting though and the volume of the packs is quite often limited. Thankfully there are some DIY options out there now for people, with Chinavasion’s solar panel charger leading the pack. Who said saving the planet had to cost the earth.

Solar Panel Charger – Portable Green Power Supply [CVSBZ-4900-Black]

How is the solar panel charger portable green power supply unique?

There’s two problems with personal solar panels:

  1. They’re either sewn into the fabric of an overpriced under-sized backpack
  2. They’re in a hard casing which makes a DIY solar panel backpack a hard project goal to reach.

This set of solar panels is unique in that it’s fabric backing and four solid metal eyelets allow it to be sewn onto part of a pack with ease and the weather-resistant nature of its build means it will keep out mild attacks of weather.

Who would buy the solar panel charger portable green power supply?

Outdoors people, campers, travelling business people, cyclists, DIY fans and hikers will definitely get a kick out of this solar panel.

Why would someone buy the solar panel charger portable green power supply?

The problem with most solar-powered backpacks on the market today is that they’re too damned expensive for most people to get and… if you’re looking for a pack that’s got real volume you’re not going to find one with a solar panel.

Because of the flexible nature of this solar panel and it’s four eyelets you’re able to choose the size of the pack that you put it on and are able to do so for a fraction of the cost of a complete solar backpack.

And for anybody selling environmentally friendly gadgets online, whether it be buying in bulk or or someone using a wholesale dropship service the light weight, small size and high resale factor of this item make it the ideal item to list in your online shop or sell through eBay.

What eBay keywords can I use?

solar panel, DIY solar panel, solar power, solar energy, solar portable, green gadget, environmental gadget, portable charger

What will the solar panel charger portable green power supply cost per unit?

Chinavasion: $22.50(Item will cost less if more than one piece is ordered)

Author xlxmarketing 9.9.2008. | 19:02
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