Chinavasion Top 10 Gadgets Of 2010 Part 2

Author xlxmarketing 22.12.2010. | 14:11

In Part 1 of this blog we settled down to look at the first 5 of 2010’s best gadgets worldwide and at Chinavasion. Grab another serving of turkey and let’s check out the back 5…

It’s almost 2011, so let’s take a look back at the greatest gadgets of 2010. Don’t forget, we’ve already looked at 5 in part 1, but for now let’s get into it:


Computer Accessory

This year we’ve seen the widespread uptake of USB 3.0 which boasts speeds of up to 4.8Gbp/s; a massive improvement over USB 2.0’s transfer speed of up to 320MBp/s. Imagine being able to transfer an entire Blu-ray disc from computer to HDD in a minute or less? USB 3.0 is your man.

Chinavasion Star Computer Accessory of 2010 – USB 3.0 Expresscard Adapter

Imagine being able to transfer an entire DVD to your USB thumb drive in less than 10 seconds! Or how about an entire high definition Blue-ray movie in less than a minute! Well, the wait is finally over thanks to this SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Expresscard card with transfer speeds of up to 4.8Gbps.

The problem with USB 2.0 is that it is completely outdated for today’s multimedia demands. Transferring a 25GB Blue-ray movie using USB 2.0 will take you about 12 minutes or more. Now transfer that same movie using USB 3.0 and it will only take you about 70 seconds. That’s more than 10 times faster than USB 2.0!

This upgrade is yours for only around US$30! So get with the program and give your computer a welcome shot in the arm. Trust me, you will be amazed by its performance!


Pocket Camcorder

This year we’ve seen the phenomenon which is pocket camcorders take off, but what is a pocket camcorder?

A pocket camcorder is a simple camcorder, perhaps the size of a mobile phone, which exists just to take ‘quick and dirty’ video which can then be immediately uploaded onto your favourite sharing sites like Youtube. Their pocket-sized nature makes them perfect for just whipping out and grabbing the footage you need, and they are much beloved of life-bloggers and pranksters!

For top-of-the-line ‘Flip’ camcorders you’re looking at spending somewhere between US$150 to $250, but for that you’ll get nice HD video of at least 720p.

Chinavasion Star Pocket Camcorder of 2010 – Venturer HD – Universe’s Smallest Action Camcorder (Titanium)

The Venturer is an excellent way to get full 1080p HD video, but in an extremely compact phone-sized body. You can plug it straight into your HD TV with its HDMI port as well as uploading your crystal clear footage straight to the ‘net too!

It’s not often you can grab an HD camcorder for 100 bucks either, but in this case it is true, and that still gives you a solid $50saving over named brand versions!



These days any way that we can save money is welcome, and if you’ve ever seen a Blu-ray movie on an HD projector in action you’ll know what I mean when I say that there’s no need to go to the cinema!

More and more people have been hooking up HD projectors to their surround-sound systems and enjoying DIY cinema, and the usual suspects like Sony and Panasonic have released great versions, but they are really expensive at anywhere from $1000 to $10,000!

Chinavasion Star Projector of 2010 – HD Multimedia LCD Projector – 120 Inch Beauty

This versatile HD (high definition) model has multiple video input options and projects an image size up to 120 inches. Is your HDTV 120″? Didn’t think so!

Often used in sports restaurants, classrooms, or home theaters, this unit is also suited well for office presentations when crisp images or multimedia files will be shown. Projectors are a great way to get big screen sizes without the need for the dedicated floorspace, so you can use them anywhere that you have a clear wall, or pulldown white screen.

With its budget price of just over US$300, it won’t hit you in the pocket like the big names and it will pay for itself very quickly if you watch movies on it instead of going to the cinema! These really are the future of home-cinema, so where’s the white paint..?



LED Watch

Everyone’s heard of Tokyoflash LED watches and boy are they sexy timepieces, but could you stomach the US$200 price tag?

Chinavasion Star LED Watch of 2010 – Iron Samurai – Japanese Inspired Red LED Watch

This has to be 2010’s pick and has been a crazy seller! Why? Look at it’s iron-grey body and the red LEDs!

This watch just oozes cool!

The Iron Samurai’s final trick is that it has a ridiculously low price of just over US$12! So buy one for your freinds, family and yourself and you’ll still have change in comparison to a Tokyoflash watch!


So that concludes our look at this year’s greatest gadgets in the world and their great-value alternatives from your very own Chinavasion. Why not share your own picks for your favourite gadgets of 2010 here on the blog as a reply, or on the Chinavasion Facebook page, Twitter account or Youtube channel?

Finally I’d just like to wish you a very merry Christmas and a lovely holiday season!


Author xlxmarketing 22.12.2010. | 14:11
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