Wifi 802.11N USB Dongle Ends Your Wifi Woes

Author xlxmarketing 4.9.2008. | 19:08

Looking for a wifi connection that will hook you up to the internet in a jiffy? The answer might be as close as the new wifi 802.11n protocol and Chinavasion’s Wifi 802.11N USB Dongle the technology that gives you wired internet speeds without the wires.

A diagram showing how hot spots work

Wifi 802.11 n will make your net connection really hot at the hot spots. A quick explination of how hot spots work.

Do you struggle to get everything done that you need to do when you’re away from your main place of work? Are ‘working lunches’ at internet hotspots spent wondering if the web page will load? Do you worry about the safety of your private information when you’re using a wireless internet connection in a public place?

Then you might just be stuck with the wrong WiFi protocol.

New wifi 802.11 n has been released. 802.11 n wifi is faster and more secure than its predecessors and few dongles are as user friendly as Chinavasion’s WiFi 802.11N USB Dongle.

If you’re using wifi 802.11a or 802.11g protocol to connect to the internet you know how frustration and slow loading a page can be.

It means you’re working at a reduced efficiency as soon as you boot up and you’re more likely to get hit by a phishing attack.

It means that you can’t order a coffee and then have surfed several sites or have checked all of your emails before your coffee arrives. You order your coffee and by the time it’s been delivered your first email has rendered instead. All the while hoping that sensitive documents and figures aren’t being siphoned away as you’re working.

802.11 n WiFi technology is much faster. How much faster?

wireless lan usb dongle ieee80211g wireless transmitter

gprs modem dongle

Just some of the fantastic Wifi dongle solutions available at Chinavasion.

A wifi 802.11n dongle or wifi 802.11n USB will pump out a connection at 150Mbps.

That’s a whole three to five times faster than 802.11g protocol and faster than wired connections in some cases. It’s also more secure than 802.11g protocol.

Life gets even easier when you look at products like Chinavasion’s WiFi 802.11n USB Dongle. It takes the wi fi certified 802.11 n protocol and throws it all into a sturdy dongle and teams it up with some intuitive and sturdy software at a fairly reasonable price.

wifi 80211n usb dongle

The wifi 802.11n usb dongle guaranteed to lift wireless internet speeds and create smiles.

End your days struggling with speeds that can be 50MBps or slower for WiFi 802.11a or WiFi 802.11g.

When you use a USB wifi 802.11 n or wifi 802.11 n device items you’re looking at load at a 150 MBps speed when you’ve got your computer near to a hotspot. And that means faster download times and web pages that render faster.

So instead of waiting five minutes for one page to load it’s closer to five seconds or less and you can quite happily have your inbox cleared by the time your coffee arrives.

If you’re involved in the cutting edge of technology, or if you are always on the go when you’re on the road and you hate the slow connection speeds then you’ve got to check out the benefits that or always on the road then you’ll definitely want to check out the benefits that WiFi 802.11n protocol and Chinavasion’s WiFi 802.11n USB Dongle can bring to you…

After all who wants to spend their whole lives waiting for an internet page to load?

wifi modems

Author xlxmarketing 4.9.2008. | 19:08
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  1. gurkan karakus March 3, 17:35

    We are looking for wifi usb dongle that we can use on our microcontroller projects. We need both hardware and software communication details for using it.

    Can you provide such information to us?
    If we can use it on our hardware, we can buy some thousand of them for beginning.

    Best regards
    Gurkan Karakus

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