Sub 100 Euro Unlocked Android Phone Review

Author xlxmarketing 15.12.2010. | 14:41

Special review of the Eclipse unlocked Android phone

The Eclipse Unlocked Android Phone is a major breakthrough, as it is the first time that a sub 100 Euro Android smart phone has come on to the market!

You can read more about why this is such an important phone in this blog about the first sub 100 Euro Android phone!

One of our marketing specialists Kaya has been living with this unlocked Android phone for a week or two and has kindly written a review of her findings, so read on to see her thoughts on this very cool phone. Over to you Kaya…


I was very happy to have the chance to test one of our new Android phones and overall I enjoyed using the Eclipse unlocked Android phone. Here’s what I thought:


First impressions? It’s a good looking unlocked Android phone.

Some people say that first impressions are important and the first second I saw it, it really made me confused. Is it the HTC Desire? Then I realized that it’s actually smaller and lighter than the HTC when I hold it in my hand.

It has a nice feel in your hand, as the case is metal and quite soft plastic, so it is nice to touch. It is not like some phones which are hard plastic and don’t feel so nice to hold.

Before turned it on, I took a few seconds to focus on its design. It comes with a 3.2 inch touchscreen. There are 6 control buttons and a little white trackball at the bottom of the phone while an indicator is put on the upper left. It has also got the volume adjustment button and micro usb port at the side of the device.

Then I found the indicator that will show the power status when you connect the usb power cable. It shows a red light first, then turns green when the power is enough.

Using The Eclipse

OK,let’s get started!

Hit the power button for 2 seconds, it started running and opened up a home screen like a pc.

Anyone who can use a computer will find Android 2.1 OS very easy to use as it is like a computer, you can just click on the option you need to use with your finger just as you would choose what you needed on the computer.

You can flick through screens by pulling your finger across the touch screen, it’s easy, and you can choose which shortcuts to programs (or apps as they are called) to place on the home screen. You go to the main menu (press the little square of dots at the bottom center of the screen) and hold your finger on the app you want to make a shortcut to for a second or 2. Then you are taken to the home screen and can place it wherever you like, just like the desktop on your pc.

For me,the trackball is very useful for people who don’t like use touchscreen. You can roll up and down or finish selecting whatever you want without touching the screen. But you can play your favorite game angry birds by using the touchscreen.


I like the apps in an Android phone! You can go to the Android market and choose any app. I liked playing Angry Birds! One of the good things about this phone is that you can make it how you like by putting apps that you like on to it, just like your computer is your own.

If you connect to market with this phone’s WiFi most apps are free too, so you don’t need to spend any money!

Talking about applications, it’s got everything I need in a phone: facebook, twitter, youtube, ebuddy, MSN talk, Gmail, Gtalk… and the picture gallery, music player and even with mobile tv!

Besides, since I am a big fan of fiction books it’s really happy to see a pre-load ebook software. What’s more for me to be happier is the weather channel which I can get the real time weather information anywhere in the world. Of course I can download any software or game to the Eclipse in the meatime.


This phone is very cheap, but can do everything that more expensive Android phones can do – it is less than 100 Euros!

Android phones are very easy to make them unique. You can download apps that you like, ranging from games, to ring tones, to calendar/organizers. This means that your phone is special to you and no one else.

It looks good and has a touch screen which is big enough to see everything clearly.

You can connect to the internet anywhere with WiFi and check your email, facebook or do what you like.



There was at times some noise through calling, I needed to leave it a proper distance from my face to keep the voice quality fine.

Because of its resistant touchscreen, it’s really not so easy to play games smoothly sometimes as it can be a little slow to register your touch when playing a fast game.

However overall, this unlocked Android phone is good enough for me. Android 2.1 is easy to use and make how you prefer and full of good applications. It looks very smart, feels good, is light and has a very low price.


Get your very own unlocked Android phone today at Chinavasion!


Author xlxmarketing 15.12.2010. | 14:41
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  1. eko septianto October 13, 16:12

    Can I order the batery of Eclipse Android 2.1

  2. Shirley October 16, 10:31

    Hi please check which one do you need?

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