Sub 100 Euro Unlocked Android Phone: The Eclipse

Author xlxmarketing 8.12.2010. | 13:55

Everyone knows that Android phones are big news, but Chinavasion has got one last surprise in store for 2010…

In this blog we’re going to look at Chinavasion’s new Eclipse Unlocked Android smart phone and why it’ll revolutionise the way you use phones forever!

What Is An Android Phone?

Woah, stop! You still don’t know what an Android phone is?

An Android phone uses a sophisticated operating system from Google which is a bit similar to Windows on your computer as it allows you to do many things with your phone.

Android phones are called ‘smart’ phones for a reason, and this operating system allows you to do:

  • Surf the internet, the same as on a computer
  • Connect to email, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and any other popular services whenever, wherever
  • Have different ‘applications’ or programs open at once in the background, so you can multitask between them
  • Download any ‘applications’ or apps from the internet and use them immediately, most of which are free (these could be anything from alarm clocks, to games, to ebook readers)
  • Set up your phone however you wish, as Android OS is very flexible and not tied to one manufacturer (like Apple)

So in a sense, Android OS turns what was a phone into a portable, palm-sized pc which is invaluable in these days of non-stop networking and communication! Interested yet?!


Aren’t Android phones Expensive?

Android OS itself is free, all part of Google’s not being evil ethos or something, but the handsets? Well, ‘big-name’ brands like Samsung, HTC, Motorola and LG handsets can be very expensive.

For example, for an HTC Desire, you’re looking at spending somewhere around 500 Euros for the handset! Capable phone it is, there’s no denying that, but you’d really have to desire one very much indeed to part with that kind of cash for it!


How About A Contract?

While it’s true that it’s possible to get Android ‘big name’ phones on a contract will cost less than 100 Euros or perhaps be free, contracts are usually running for 2 years now, or at least 18 months. This is a huge financial commitment to make; especially given these uncertain financial times!

A better option would be an unlocked Android phone which would allow you to benefit from Android’s cool features and general awesomeness, but without being tied into a contract which bleeds dry your bank account faster than a glittering vampire can finish off a hedgehog. Certainly HTC et al don’t want their phones to be unlocked as they will lose big bucks from the network providers, so they all conspire together to remove cash from your wallet. So does such an unlocked beast exist?


Welcome The Solution – The Unlocked Android Phone To Eclipse All Others!

I’d first like to say that I have used this phone and it is not a sub 100 Euro phone! The quality is too good and it feels really nice in your hand as well as having a good, responsive touch screen.

The Eclipse Android phone comes with everything you need to manage your busy lifestyle, stay entertained, and keep you connected with friends, family and clients. Highlights include: high speed WiFi internet access, Google maps, worldwide GSM connectivity, MP3/MP4 player, Gmail integration, Micro SD slot and tons of preloaded apps like YouTube, Wiki Mobile, Facebook, Yahoo, eBuddy and more.

And since this phone uses the latest Android 2.1 operating system, everyday task like sending and receiving emails, checking the latest weather and news reports or simply staying connected with your Facebook buddies is now easier than ever before.

Yep, this phone is less than 100 Euros and does everything that the big name brands can do and more! I personally like the option of the 3.5mm headphone jack, as I have an irrational hatred of the crappy headphones that come with phones and like to use my own posh ones!

Take a look at what’s included for less than 100 Euros:

  • Bright and colorful 3.2 inch touch screen
  • New Android 2.1 operating system: The best mobile OS available
  • Comes with App killer application to boost speed by closing unused apps
  • True headphone jack: 3.5mm Jack for use with HiFi headphones
  • WI-FI internet support: Blazing fast internet speeds
  • TV antenna for receiving free over the air analog TV
  • Scroll ball: For navigating areas where a finger is inconvenient
  • Micro SD Slot: Store music, video and media files up to 8GB
  • Fully Unlocked: Can use with any GSM service provider around the world
  • Most competitive price on the net for an unlocked quadband Android phone
  • Comes with Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo, eBuddy, Weather, Wiki Mobile, Google Talk and much more!
  • Access hundred of free apps, games, ringtones and more with the Android Marketplace!


It Gets Better

This is an unlocked Android phone.

Do yourself a favour and take control away from the large, expensive manufacturers and networks. Buy it, put in the pay-as-go SIM card of your choosing and start loving the Android experience!

Just pay for what you use and avoid over-priced contracts and handsets. Simple!


Android Phones Are Cool! I Don’t Want To Be A Phone Loser – Where Can I Get One!

Don’t be left behind by the smart phone revolution; all of your friends will be laughing at your dated old brick! There is another way though. Choose the Eclipse unlocked Android phone which costs less than 100 Euros and doesn’t leave you locked into an expensive contract! Now everyone can afford a cool Android phone which will gain you maximum respect and have girls or boys flocking around you as you bask in your magnificence.*

Get your unlocked Android phone today from Chinavasion. At less than 100 Euros they are bound to fly off the shelves, so don’t be disappointed, order now!


*iPhones cannot guarantee boys, girls or magnificence, but Android will help!

Author xlxmarketing 8.12.2010. | 13:55
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  1. kevin December 8, 22:42

    What about the lephone?

  2. Patrick Camilleri December 25, 05:02

    Wonderful phone……very good value for money…..feels really good in your hands

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