The PS2 Keylogger, Workplace Surveillance When Somebody Is Up to No Good

Author xlxmarketing 1.9.2008. | 18:42

Furtive glances, an angry IT guy and a massive viral load on the network. Face it, Ricky’s been acting fishy. You need to put him under surveillance. Thankfully he’ll never know with Chinavasion’s PS/2 keylogger just the thing to bring people back into tow.

Make sure your partner/children/employees aren’t up to no good with the PS/2 keylogger.

If you’re of the view that somebody can’t be trusted, then you’re going to need to keep an eye on them.

Keyloggers are pretty cool because they just plug into the keyboard and then plug into the computer port, there’s nothing to worry about with software and getting them back is pretty easy.

This model comes with 2MB of memory and has an easy user interface to make sure you don’t only get the assurance you need you don’t have to wrack your brain getting the details you need.

So exactly how long can you leave the keylogger in the computer before it fulls up with data? 2MB means 2 million keystrokes (that’s over 1000 pages of text) so even if you don’t get around to checking the logger for a while you can be sure it’s still catching stuff.

If you really do want to check up on Ricky you really do need to check out our PS/2 keylogger, it’ll put their minds at ease without raising Ricky’s hackles or his suspicions.

audio codec

Author xlxmarketing 1.9.2008. | 18:42
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  1. Bruno October 12, 20:02

    I find amazing software and
    I am now at the point where I feel comfortable with my wife’s online activities.

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