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“On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…socks and George W. Bush’s autobiography?”

Resellers! Give Santa A Helping Hand!

We’ve all been there, woken up on Christmas morning looking forward to an exciting day and lots of cool gifts. Unfortunately we often receive rubbish gifts like socks, diaries, ill-fitting clothes and gifts of dubious “coolness.” Your customers are no different.


Orange coat or this year’s coolest gadgets? The choice is yours…
Here at Chinavasion we are saying, “enough’s enough!”

If you’re a reseller, all you need to have a really fruitful Christmas is to give your customers a few ideas in order for them to be the ones giving the coolest gifts under the tree to friends and family. If they love your gadgets then your till will be a ring ding dingling all the way up until Christmas day itself! So let’s look at Chinavasion’s top 3 gadget picks for Christmas 2010 and the information that you should be giving your customers:

  1. Digital Camcorder: These are an amazing gift as you’ll allow your friends and family to record their special times in full 1080p HD! That’s like a Blu-Ray video!


  • Digital Photo Frame: A classic. Don’t just give them blank; pre-load them with your most beautiful pictures and they’ll be a lovely surprise.



  • Android Tablet: You won’t have missed the buzz surrounding Android this year. Don’t waste money on an iPad, grab an Android tablet and you’ll be gifting the world of mobile internet and thousands of cool games. An awesome choice!



Digital Camcorder

Digital camcorders are excellent for recording your most special moments. Perhaps it would be your holiday, weddings, births or Christmas with the family. As the years go by we look back and wish that we could have recorded these events, but digital camcorders are an expensive luxury, right?

Actually that’s wrong, they are indeed very cheap now thanks to Chinese innovation! But it doesn’t stop there, they record in HD and are a lot more compact than the monsters of my youth that one had to weild two-handed.

In fact, your typical Chinavasion digital camcorder will include:

  • Crystal clear HD Video recording at up to 1080P
  • Up to 12MP digital camera function
  • Optical and digital zoom for close up shots
  • Touch screen panel screen for checking what you’re recording and selecting options
  • Motion detection recording
  • Webcam functionality
  • Handheld size
  • SD card and internal memory (just plug in a fresh SD card to keep recording)

So what’s not to like? You can grab a real 1080p HD camcorder and start shooting videos in Blu-Ray quality right now, and the digital camcorders are barely bigger than today’s smartphones and available in many styles from classic black to super slim!

1080P HD Camcorder with Touchscreen and 5x Optical Zoom [CVGT-DV14]Digital Video Camera (Ultra Compact DV Camcorder) [CVSE-DV02]C-Shock Ultra Rugged HD Sport Camcorder (1080p, Waterproof, Macro Function) [CVSE-DC32]


You can find the above digital camcorders and so many more at Chinavasion’s Digital Camcorder category!

In terms of price you can pay from around US$400 down to less than US$100, but as a rule you could get your hands on a 1080p (the ‘real’ HD quality) digital camcorder for around only US$200!


If your customers are on a bit of a budget this Christmas (and who can blame them with the economy the way it is right now), then the next selection will definitely be friendly to their wallets and is a Christmas classic:

Digital Photo Frame

A digital photo frame is a brilliant Christmas present for anyone in the family. Look at it this way, no one enjoys flipping through photos as it’s tedious and causes hearts to sink as soon as you pull them out.

That said people do enjoy looking at pictures, especially of family, beautiful holidays and special occasions. So take my advice, grab a digital photo frame and load it up with some of your best photos (not the endless pictures of your thumb, cats and you posing drunkenly with strangers) and give it to your older relatives this Christmas.

If you happen, like me, to live abroad or far away, then your family and friends would probably appreciate some nice pics of you during the festive period anyway, especially if you can’t make it back.

Aside from that, Chinavasion’s digital photo frames also include these kinds of features:

  • Internal memory for storing hundreds of pictures
  • Personal organiser including alarm clock and calendar
  • Memory card reader for displaying pictures from card
  • DVB-T Digital TV
  • Media player – plays music and videos
  • FM radio
  • Integrated stereo speakers
  • HD display
  • Connects to large screens or monitors

This gift will last a lifetime as it can display any pictures, just switch the SD or memory card containing different pictures and you’re good to go! If you get bored of pictures you can listen to your tunes or watch movies. They’re very versatile for the money!

12 Inch Digital Photo Frame w/ Remote + Media Player (2GB) [CVFE-F12]7 Inch Digital Photo Frame with DVB-T [CVUZ-F35]10 Inch Premium Digital Photo Frame with Media Player (2GB)10 Inch Premium Digital Photo Frame with Media Player (2GB) [CVGB-F20]

You can find the above digital photo frames and so many more at Chinavasion’s digital photo frame category!

These truly are inflation-busting Christmas presents, and if you check Chinavasion you’re not going to spend any more than only about US$100 for the best and largest frames and you can still pick up a respectable sized 7″ digital photo frame for around an insanely low US$30!


The final Christmas 2010 gadget will earn your customers the undying love of whoever is receiving it as they are undoubtedly this year’s biggest news. You need to push these:

Android Tablet

Forget expensive big brands which could set you back upwards of US$700! All you need to buy is one of Chinavasion’s Android tablets and you’ll be handing over the coolest gift of the day!

Android-the next big thing
If you’re not familiar with Android it’s the new kid on the block in OS (operating system) terms, but it’s rapidly growing to become the biggest and most popular!

Android allows you to do everything so easily and on the move. You can catch up with all of your online activity like Gmail, Youtube and Facebook as well as downloading other free applications like games and organisers. With Skype you can even use Android tablets to call anyone anywhere in the world for free and at any time as they are so portable!

Android tablets are a highly portable pocket-pc that allows you to link to the internet wirelessly anywhere wit reception and watch all of your favourite movies wherever you are. You could even use it just as a standalone music player or eBook reader!

Why not just use my laptop? Good question. Laptops and even netbooks are bigger and heavier than Android tablets. They also generally have a pretty poor battery life, so you’ll need to lug around their chargers and cables too. Android tablets weigh next to nothing and use a lot less battery than portable computers, so just slip one into your bag or rucksack and you’ve got all of the convenience of a laptop, but without the weight and poor battery. Not to mention security concerns (as laptops are much more expensive and may contain all of your sensitive data).

Android Tablets from Chinavasion would typically include these features:

  • Large 7 Inch Touchscreen, but not so large that it isn’t portable
  • Widgets – you put the apps you like to use on your ‘homepage’
  • WiFi to connect anywhere to the internet
  • Pre-loaded with Gmail, Skype, Google Maps, and many more apps
  • Download up 100,000 third-party apps through the Android Marketplace which is loaded and ready to use!
  • Built-in mic and speaker
  • TV Out

TechPad - 7 Inch Android Tablet [CVGY-PC07]7 Inch Android Tablet with WiFi and Camera [CVUK-PC06-2GEN]
Not sure if they’re for you yet? Don’t worry, your kids or younger relatives would definitely love an Android Tablet because Steve Jobs (may have) said so!

Even Mr. Jobs loves the Techpad Android Tablet

You can find the above Android tablets and so many high capacity PMPs and eBook readers at Chinavasion’s Android Tablet category!



These gadgets are in stock and ready to go here in the warehouse, but demand is high so don’t leave ti to late or your customers may be disappointed! If you think there are any other certain winners for this Christmas that I have missed, then why not leave a comment and suggest them!? We at Chinavasion wish you a very succesful and lovely Christmas!


Remember, the postal services from China can get very congested towards Christmas so get your orders in early, especially if you’re drop shipping or reselling and have customer orders to fulfill!



Still need some help? Well, We looked at steps that you should have been taking earlier this year in The Nightmare Before Christmas Part 1 and Part 2.

We also explored how to boost your order sizes with these 10 amazing tips to increase your online store’s order size before Christmas blog. Enjoy!


Author xlxmarketing 24.11.2010. | 09:45
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