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Author xlxmarketing 29.8.2008. | 15:48

“Hey! How was the Metallica concert last night?”

“Fantastic, got some pictures on my cell phone. Wanta see them?”

“Sure, where’s James Hetfield?”

“See that dot below the battery icon?”

Cell phone cameras are cool but the screen is often nothing to write home about and, unless you’ve got the eyesight of an eagle, you’re not going to get much out of the phone screen. Play it as big as you like with the projector phone.


Projector Phone – Tri-Band GSM/GPRS Touchscreen Cell Phone [CVSL-112]

How is the projector phone unique?

Showing off your fantastic camera work is only so good when you’ve just got a screen to use. This projector phone will slap that image on a 32 x 40 inch screen and that makes it perfect for impromptu meetings and ‘you should have been there’ brag-fests.
Who would buy the projector phone?

Sales people, account managers, show and tell fans, students, professional braggarts, business people, people on long trips, travellers, campers and the tragically hip after the latest and greatest gadgets (those ahead by a century) would definitely get a kick out of this phone.
Why would someone buy the projector phone?

Sometimes you want to show off your home movies or your photos to people in the office but your cell phone screen just doesn’t cut it. And giving your number to a potential dinner date or business contact can be a huge chore. Just as any hunter will tell you, things look better spread across the wall.

The projector phone mashes a fully-functional micro-projector with a fully kitted-out unlocked touchscreen multimedia cell phone. Packed with MMC, video mail and bluetooth capacity this phone will also work as driver for an external projector.

And when it arrives you can be sure that it will be at a price that will project a very big smile on your face.
What eBay keywords can I use?

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Author xlxmarketing 29.8.2008. | 15:48
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  1. Electronic Gadgets September 1, 12:07

    This is a great idea and great combination. Having a projector allows showing maps, photos, quick clips, etc.

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