Chinavasion Bulletin: FAQ’s, Featured Products And The Android App Of The Week

Author xlxmarketing 12.11.2010. | 14:26

What’s been happening in the world of Chinavasion this week?

It’s warm again here in the tropics. The coolness was shortlived and temperatures have gone back up to mid to high twenties with sunshine. I’m used to it by now, but it seems funny to think that many of our customers are now shivering through a very cold, dark winter while we are back in t-shirts and sunglasses!

What I already knew has been confirmed in the news where it’s been reported that the big name mobile phone brands have lost market share to smaller Asian manufacturers. Exactly the same kinds of cool mobile phones that your very own Chinavasion is selling! Finally people are seeing that you don’t need to spend big to have an awesome phone!


We’ve had several products up in your face on the interweb this week, so thanks to The Red Ferret Journal again, who are keeping an eye on our new stuff!

First they looked at the Bluetooth Rearview Mirror with Built-in GPS Navigation, which literally does team up bluetooth and GPS with your rear-view mirror for care-free driving!

Next they viewed the Giant Shift Key Lamp which brings a touch of geeky charm to anyone’s desk. I think I’d probably have preferred a giant ‘escape’ or ‘end’ key, but that’s just me!

Finally they checked out the Auto Sentinel – Vehicle Security System (GPS Tracker + SMS Remote Presence) and decided that it was a very good for the money!

On Monday my colleague Leia wrote a review of the new Metro Pro in comparison with its older brother the Metro. Her verdict? It’s better! You can check out the Metro Pro and all of Chinavasion’s new mobile phones here!

On Wednesday I started the Christmas ball rolling with a blog on how to increase your order size in time for Christmas. Here I share some useful tips and techniques on how you can ecourage your customers to place larger orders each time, especially as Christmas is soon coming and we need to take advantage of it!


Here Are Some Of The Customer Questions We’ve Been Asked Recently:

“Hi, we are customer from Brazil, Greece and Russia. Which shipping service should we use?”

For customers from Brazil, Greece and Russia we strongly recommend that you select airmail/EMS as your shipping service when you place orders. These two services go through your local postal system so the local customs imposes less restriction on the import goods. Your parcels should be safer and less likely to be delayed by customs with them.

For packages which exceed 30Kg, please try to use a freight forwarder as they are supposed to have an even better way to clear the customs for larger order. If you have any questions about freight forwarders please ask us!


Chinavasion Customer Notice

We are currently checking all the information you put in your Chinavasion account to make sure they are 100% secure and correct. We sometimes contact you regarding your orders and we also want to confirm that we will send a give-away to a right place if you’re lucky enough to win a Chinavasion competition in the future!

Thus, please log in to your account and make sure the default address (the billing address) in your Chinavasion account is correct.

Here is the link you may want to check where you can see your default address:

We really appreciate your time and help and if you have any questions about changing or updating your request please ask us at .


Android App Of The Week

Pocket Legends
If you’ve got (a lot) of spare time and enjoy beating various strangers to death in the guise of a warrior bear, panda, parrot or elf, then pocket legends is for you! It’s the usual RPG fare where you level up the character that you created by undertaking quests and fighting various beasties, and it does run surprisingly smoothly given that it’s a large game and not on a console or pc.

It’s been compared to World Of Warcraft, but it’s free and on your Android phone, so stock up on energy drinks, snacks and elasticated trousers and you’re good to go!

You can create your own character, here is someone’s bear!

Here is the QR code for your convenience:


And Finally…


A jammer which jams both GPS and mobile phones? Oh yes. Death to signals!



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Author xlxmarketing 12.11.2010. | 14:26
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