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Author xlxmarketing 5.11.2010. | 17:09

What’s been happening in the world of Chinavasion this week?

As the English are accustomed to, I always like to start off with a bit of weather. It’s funny here in South China as for most of the year it’s pretty hot and humid, yet when it comes to late October / early November the weather just snaps and it drops about 10 degrees overnight!

It’s now cooled off to between 15 to 20 degrees and is wet, and there’s no two things that Chinese people hate more than the cold and wet, so the streets are deserted at lunch time and in the evening as everyone prefers to stay indoors to keep warm!

There is a right row going on in China this week between two of the country’s largest ‘online’ companies, Tencent and Qihoo. Tencent offer the most popular instant messaging service in China, QQ, which to give some perspective, is as ever-present here as Skype or MSN Messenger for Westerners (and considering there are 400 Million web users in China it’s a very, very large market). Qihoo offer China’s most popular anti-virus, 360, which is actually very good and free (I’ve used it myself in the past). This is also used by almost everyone and is similar perhaps to Norton or AVG.

Here’s what happened: Tencent encouraged QQ users to use its own anti-virus software, in response Qihoo accused them of stealing their customers’ information and then Tencent started blocking their customers from using 360. In a country where almost everyone uses both programs this would be like Microsoft saying that if you use Windows you can’t use Google! Now the Chinese internet users are up in arms as this, understandably, is really inconveniencing them.

It is common knowledge that diplomatic relations between France and China haven’t been good for two or three years, but I guess that is changing now that Hu Jintao has just gone to Paris to sign multi-billion Euro trade contracts. Lucky them!

This rather attractive Spy Camera Alarm Clock, has been getting a lot of love this week!

This little beauty was mentioned in and Thanks guys and enjoy your faux-wood spy cam goodness!

We also saw the mighty LePhone continuing to get press as Julie from the reviewed it and was generally pretty impressed! Who can blame her!? This phone is a beautiful monster that has captured everyone’s hearts here at Chinavasion!

Now it’s time for this week’s blogs and it’s been a good mixture this week. If you want to sell gadgets online then Monday was a good day, I introduced an excellent way to set up your own professional online store: Goodsie. I used this service to create my very own online store selling Android phones and accessories from Chinavasion in just about an hour. You can see the, somewhat amusing, results in the blog here as I walk through the process. This blog was even indexed by, so they must have thought it was useful!

On Wednesday I wrapped up the GPS device and forum guide, with part 2 of the blog. It’s certainly one for the ladies, but to be fair it gives you even more forums to check for useful GPS information and the low-down on Chinavasion’s GPS tracking devices

Adrian’s Pick Of The Week

New Android tablet with Wifi and camera! Oh yes, this can be yours for just US$91.38 and it is ideal for free phone calls via Skype, listening to music and watching movies on its really sharp 7″ touch screen.

You know that with Christmas just around the corner that the kids, grandkids, siblings and probably even your nan will be clamouring for a tablet, but who can afford a starting price of a whopping US$499 for an Apple iPad (which is huge and not very portable anyway)!? Here’s the solution playah!

Remember, keep checking the new products page for the latest releases, especially if you’re reselling!

Here Are Some Of The Customer Questions We’ve Been Asked Recently:

“What’s happened in China? Why are my orders coming slower than the previous ones?”

The 16th Asian Games is scheduled to open in Guangzhou, China from Nov 12th—Nov 27th.
Hundreds of thousands of people from different countries in the world are preparing to fly to Guangzhou to watch this largest event in history of the Games.

Undoubtedly, this will make the population density of Guangzhou much larger than ever. Thus, we have reason to believe that for the security concern, lots of entry and exit of goods which need to be transferred from Guangzhou Port are being held and carefully checked by the local Customs authority.

We are keeping our eyes on the packages which will be exported from Guangzhou and working more closely with the international couriers to ensure all of them can be released as quickly as possible.

“What’s going on over there? I couldn’t manage to send the money to Chinavasion through PayPal!”

When did this happen please? The reason was that at around 08:07 am October 29, 2010, a network hardware failure in one of the PayPal data centers resulted in a service interruption for all PayPal users worldwide.

This phenomenon lasted less than 4 hours with the full recovery at 12:21pm.

Everything is now fine and you can order from Chinavasion as normal!

“PayPal doesn’t allow me to transfer money using my credit card!”

In fact, PayPal radically changed its checkout design, where the old credit card option is displayed beneath the PayPal account log in option.

Now no credit card icon is attached next to that credit card option which is making it harder to spot this function. But if you check that new layout carefully, you will see that this is still possible, so don’t worry!

For more reference please check:

Android App Of The Week

Frostwire Free P2P BitTorrent Client

Do you like downloading free music, videos, TV and other entertaining material? If the answer is yes, then you no longer need to leave torrents downloading and play the usual, “I hope it’s finished downloading by the time I get home,” lottery.

With Frostwire all you need is WiFi or a 3G phone (so that’s everyone then) and you’ll be good to start sharing millions of files straight to your phone so you’ve got them exactly when you want them.

It’s free, you can share anything with anyone who’s using Frostwire and even send messages and chat live. Frostwire is the first mobile P2P client EVER, so make history and grab it today!

And Finally…

There are a lot of 2 DIN car stereos with touch screen displays, but not so many 1 DIN units. Don’t let them have all the fun, we’ve got a cool new 1 DIN unit coming soon…keep those eyes peeled, ICE fans!

Author xlxmarketing 5.11.2010. | 17:09
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