The New Metro Pro Vs. The Original Metro: Fight!

Author xlxmarketing 8.11.2010. | 09:00

The Metro – Dual SIM Swivel Screen QWERTY Cosmopolitan Phone was and continues to be one of Chinavasion’s top-selling phones, but its big brother, the Metro Pro – Dual SIM Swivel Touchscreen WIFI QWERTY Cosmopolitan Phone has arrived. Let’s see how it compares…

By Leia Xu

Do More With The All New Metro Pro

So you fell in love with the Metro, right? Now, feast your eyes on this wonderful new phone, The Metro Pro; a new and improved version of the best selling Metro Cosmopolitan Phone. As a Metro user, I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Metro Pro for one week, so I am going to give you an informal review of the new Metro Pro compared to the old Metro.


It’s the same as you know and love with the Metro! The Metro’s design is very popular, as it’s only half the size of a normal phone with a 180 degree swivel screen design. Give the screen a turn and out comes the QWERTY keyboard for simple texting, and Ladies will be pleased with the useful built-in mirror on the other side. The Metro Pro keeps that love alive.

You can see the mirror on the back of the touchscreen here


The Metro Pro is better. Builds on The Metro’s 2.8 inch QVGA screen as The Metro Pro has got a responsive touchscreen which allows you to select menu or type words with more freely without using the keyboard or the scroll buttons.

In the past using the buttons for everything on the Metro could be a little slow, for instance with opening a text message. This takes several button pushes on the Metro, but with the new Metro Pro you can just tap the touchscreen. Much faster!

Above at the top you can see the original Metro with its lack of touchscreen, and below the Metro Pro with touchscreen and shortcuts.


The Metro Pro is better. You won’t worry about whether to enjoy stereo music by headphones or charging the phone any more! The Metro Pro has two separate ports for audio output and power output, whereas the Metro only had both combined in one port which was less convenient as you could only do one task at a time.

If you lose or break your headphones the Metro Pro is good as it features a 3.5mm headphone jack and this is the size that almost all headphones that you can buy from the store are.

Above at the top you can see the Metro with its lack of 3.5mm headphone jack, below the Metro Pro which DOES have one.

GSM Frequency

Same as The Metro. The Metro Pro also comes fully unlocked for any phone provider. It supports all four GSM frequencies (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz), in other words, you can use it for your business or personal calls anywhere in the world.

Dual SIM Dual Standby

Same as The Metro. The Metro Pro also has two SIM card slots, you can keep two active phone numbers (personal and business) with it! That’s one more than most of today’s far more expensive ‘big-name’ phones and is great for travellers or business people!


The Metro Pro is better. The Metro Pro gets WIFI functionality now, it allows you to surf internet in any WiFi hotspot like Starbucks. I found it easy to check my instant message (MSN) and email which is a real strength over the Metro.

Other Functions

Same as The Metro. The Metro Pro also comes with multi-media functions like Bluetooth, digital camera, video camera, music player, video player and analog TV. So you still have Bluetooth and a lot of PDA features with this phone, but remember, there’s also a 2GB TF card for all of your data free with every phone!


One of the best qualities of the Metro Pro is its price, a very good value US$101.79. So for barely more than the original Metro you get a whole load more features, but with the same cool style that you love!


The Metro Pro is a great update of the Metro which includes revised functions and touch screen. I liked it because it is better than the original Metro in that it is easier to use as you can select the function you need sooner by tapping the touch screen. It is also more convenient as now it includes features like WiFi for internet use when you are anywhere.

One of the good points for Metro fans is that the cool, compact style is still the same as before, so the manufacturer has managed to fit more into its body – great!

If you like the Metro, you’ll love the Metro Pro which keeps the qualities that you love, but adds more that you need!

Author xlxmarketing 8.11.2010. | 09:00
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