GPS Devices Guide: GPS Tracking Devices, 10 GPS Forums and How They Can Save Your Bacon (Part 2)

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GPS device sales have exploded worldwide since the Chinese started churning out cheap, good-quality units a few years ago. Let’s look at some of the sneakier GPS devices and the last 5 cool GPS forums where you can get some assistance in part 2 of this blog…


Can I Get A Rewiiind!?

We’ve already examined the wide range of GPS navigation devices available from Chinavasion in Part 1 of this blog. But they’re only the tip of the iceberg.

It is a common misunderstanding that GPS devices are limited to sat-navs that show you a route in your car, when in fact there are a whole variety of different types of GPS tracking devices out there too!


GPS Tracking Devices. Not Only For Secret Agents.

Gps tracking devices might sound complicated, but in fact they are super cool and easy to use! You know when James Bond slips a little tracker into some goon’s pocket, only to track him via a smart phone in his Aston Martin between bedding hordes of fantastically beautiful women? That could be you!

But to be fair, GPS tracking devices aren’t only for monitoring someone. They have many uses! Here are a few:

  1. Security for your expensive car – A GPS tracking device can easily be hidden in your car. Choose GSM tracking and you can get an update on is position at all times. Great for expensive sports cars that are likely to attract unwanted attention!


  • Securing works of art – Most museums and galleries secure their famous pieces with GPS tracking devices. Should they be stolen the police will be able to track them easily and apprehend the culprits.



  • Keeping an eye on kids – Parents need to be vigilant, but you can’t be with your kids all day. Many GPS tracking devices are small enough to be attached to bags or backpacks, so you can know where they are remotely. 2 way or SOS calling will be even better, as then they can contact you in case of any trouble.



  • Administrating a fleet of company cars – Companies with company fleets can save money by using data-loggers to compile the route taken by employees. This can be cross checked with their claim to make sure that it is all correct.



  • Looking after teenagers – Teenagers need to be looked after, but they also need to feel some freedom in order to avoid arguments. GPS tracking devices give parents an ideal way to keep watch over them without being intrusive.



  • Camping fans – GPS tracking devices are great for when you’re camping. If you program one with your camp’s location you can go off hiking safe in the knowledge that to get back to your tent all you need to do is follow its directions, even at night!



  • Security for pets – If you’re concerned that your pet might run off or be stolen then just attach a GPS tracking device to its collar and you can track Tiddles’ position any time.



  • Divers – There are some fantastic treasures to be seen under the waves, but when everything looks the same on top how can you find a great dive site again? By saving its position with a data-logger!



  • Looking after older people – Adult children often worry about elderly parents, but they have to work or look after their own families. GPS tracking devices with 2 way or SOS calling give peace of mind by letting you know where they are and contact them in an emergency or vice versa.



  • Catching out unfaithful partners – A data-logger can tell you where your partner has been and then you can check this against their story to see if they’ve been telling the truth.




Click on one of the units above to see Chinavasion’s whole range of GPS tracking devices.

Gunning Forum

If you remember, in part 1 of this blog we looked at 5 of the best GPS forums online that you can join and talk to other anoraks GPS enthusiasts about anything from massively parallel correlators to photo-tagging. They are a genuinely useful place, especially in fact if you’re a newbie to the GPS scene, as you can ask all sorts of questions regarding set-up and software to these yoda-like GPS jedi.



GPS Forums




Members: 275

This relatively new forum has only a few members but there were already 208,291 posts discussed on more than 39,876 threads. The forum focuses on both OEM and other GPS devices including a section of UK-specific GPS devices. There is also a separate discussion section for GNSS or Global Navigation Satellite Systems. The topics and categories seem limited though and this can be attributed to the relatively lower membership numbers.



GPS Passion




Members: 106402

There are 53 separate forums that are categorized under general topics, hardware, software GPS programming and Smartphone GPS. There is a separate forum for GPS online stores. Unlike other related forums, the layout for GPS Passion involves certain graphics that appears inappropriate for a technology-based site. On top of that, the site is also cluttered by several ads on the sidebars and banners.



GPS City




Members: 7,464

This emerging forum have limited but good sections on: OEM GPS device brands; a general discussion on GPS; a for sale section of used GPS units; and a forum about RAM Mounts.




Members: 6914

GPS Information is just a small and emerging forum but there are already 6546 topics posted, which is already almost the same number of total members. The forum has a good category system that focuses on general discussions, hardware discussions, software discussion, discussions on custom point of interest or POI, geocaching, and an interesting build your own GPS equipment.



GPS Software Hub




Members: 5428

GPS Software Hub is a relatively small forum that provides information on software and maps. There is a classified section, other discussions on fun with GPS devices, and an updated GPS section on brands. Aside from the normal categories common with other forums, GPS Software Hub has a separate section for choice videos and a video gallery.







Members: not indicated

This discussion group is a support forum for the GPS FAQ site and is a little different from others in terms of the layout used. This forum makes use of tabs to navigate through these various categories which show: GPS Systems, business applications, GPS devices, technology and resource, GPS equipment, maps, mapping tools, handheld products as well as discussions on other topics.


There are several other forums available but these 10 can point you to resources that can help you with your GPS needs. The key thing here is to study which forum would be well suited to your GPS devices as a user, or your suite of products if you’re a reseller.

Don’t forget that you can catch up on the other 5 GPS forums and GPS sat-nav devices in Part 1 of this blog!


Author xlxmarketing 3.11.2010. | 09:00
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