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You don’t need to be eBay to make a living from reselling on the internet. In fact, with a bit of time and effort on your e-store you’ll wonder why you never jacked in the 9 to 5 before! Here’s a brilliant website that’ll help you set up a lovely online store in no time…

Do You Want To Know A Secret?

The internet seems bewildering, a minefield of stuff you don’t need or understand. Yet people are quitting their boring deskjobs every day to concentrate on their online business. So what’s their secret? How can they make enough to quit the rat-race? How do you emulate them?

It’s never easy to change careers at any time, groundwork needs to be done. What to sell? To whom? Where?

People who are already doing business online have perhaps found their niche, so what’s their secret? They’ve found something that people want to buy at a low enough price for them to sell it on and make a profit.

Here at Chinavasion we can help you find your niche! Electronic gadgets are hot and we offer you the best new gadgets direct from China at low wholesale prices to give you the best chance of making some profit. Many people need to come to China, build up relationships over a period of time and search for suppliers before they can be in a position to sell great-value Chinese gadgets. Do you have the time? Do you know where to go? Can you speak Chinese?

If your answer to any of the above questions is no, then register today at Chinavasion and start reselling cool electronics easily, safe in the knowledge that we’ve taken the strain of sourcing away from you!


Hello Goodsie!

Say hello to your new friend, the oddly named Goodsie.

You’ve got your products, but how do you set up an online store? It’s a good question and with seemingly a million options ahead of you, a daunting process.

I’ve been digging around on the internet again and found this little gem that could really help you!

Goodsie claims to be, “DIY e-commerce done right.” It’s still in its beta phase at the moment (which we’ll come on to later) and is therefore free. Basically what it does is allows you to construct an online store in a simple-to-follow series of steps. The end result is a professional-looking store which is fully integrated with payment options etc and ready to trade!

Below you can see an example store. Wouldn’t you just love yours to look as cool as this? It will be with Goodsie!

So How Does It Work?

As with any of these programs to use them is to really see if they’re right for you. What I would say first of all is that it’s pretty easy to start setting stuff up. Just follow each step starting with the ‘store’ option to fill in your store’s details:

As you can see above you can also fill in your contact, shipping and pages details. Complete these, save and that’s it…move on to the next step.


Next choose the ‘design’ option where you’ll be able to choose the layout, font, style and colour of your store. Just explore through the options until you find those that suit your taste, goods or needs.


Now you’ve set up your store’s information and layout you’ll want to add some products! Thankfully this is very easy. Go to the top bar and choose products. Goodsie gives you several options for categories, but then you just go down the page filling in each product’s information such as name, price and description.

It’s crucial to add as much information as possible about each product here as this is what your customers will use to make the decision to buy!


Another important element is the product thumbnail. This is your customers’ chance to see your product, so you need to offer them some nice shots. Just click on ‘upload’ in thumbnails and then you’ll have the chance to upload several thumbnail shots for each product. You should be automatically directed to the ‘my pictures’ or ‘my documents’ file of your computer where your pictures should be.


So far you’ve constructed your store, added products and now you need to tweak its settings. This includes important stuff like the payment options etc. So go to settings across the top bar.


Within settings you’ll see your store’s details, such as name, contact email address etc. But it’s important to set up a payment option, or your store won’t be activated to trade. It’s very easy though. Just choose your currency and then enter your personal account detail (you will need to set up a paypal account, google checkout etc in advance).


You’ll find your store building up before your very eyes, and in the immortal words of ‘Blue Peter’ presenters past and present, “Here’s one I made earlier!” I’ve chosen hot Chinavasion Android phones and accessories as these would sell well.


I’ve Made My Store! What’s Next?

You’ve made your first e-store! Sweet! But the journey isn’t quite over yet. It’s important to know how it’s going to work.

Your Goodsie store is NOT on eBay or any other online auctions. It is a store in its own right and so you’ll need to publicise it as much as possible. Let me be clear. If you make your Goodsie store and then do nothing, expecting orders to come in, you will get nothing!

You want to get your store’s name out there on Twitter, Facebook and your blog. Tell your family and friends. Give out flyers with your URL on them. Make business cards. Tell everyone at church or in your battle reproduction society. If you’re not using social networking to do this then it’s a huge fail, so get familiar with it!

Make sure you link to your store’s URL (as seen above) as often as possible, as this is what your customers will click on to go to your store!


What’s The Damage?

At the time of writing Goodsie is FREE. However it’s in Beta form, which means that it’s kind of pre-release. Once it launches officially Goodsie say that they will not be free, but will take a percentage of your revenue from anything sold in your Goodsie store as payment for you using their service.

Is it worth it? Well, I’d ask a question in answer to this question. Are you a web designer?

If like me you are not, then I would say depending on how high a percentage they want to charge the answer is yes, because in around only 1 hour I built a functioning store that was ready to sell and looked pretty professional. No way would I have been able to do that on my own!

The Beta of Goodsie is invite only, so I would go to Goodsie and send them an email requesting an invite code!

If you are unsure about reselling online then don’t worry, you can get a lot more information from the Chinavasion knowledgebase. Specifically we can give a lot of support to people who may need to use Chinavasions professional pictures and product descriptions, to people who are interested in drop ship reselling and to anyone looking at eBay alternatives.

Please let us know about your experience with Goodsie, or any other thoughts by commenting on this block or at the Chinavasion Facebook page!


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Author xlxmarketing 1.11.2010. | 09:00
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