Wholesale EDGE Modems Make Mobile Laptop Connections Painless

Author xlxmarketing 27.8.2008. | 16:04

Are you sick of overpaying for expensive laptop internet connections which don’t last the distance? Find out how wholesale GSM and EDGE modems can benefit you.

Edge Modems

The Mobile Mash-up. How wholesale EDGE modems mash GSM phone and computer technology together in one tasty combination.

Are you a road warrior that still needs to send out and receive emails and have access to the internet? Are you tired of wasting your money for data download fees on wireless internet plans that are a hassle to connect and don’t always work?

One solution to your problems may be a wholesale 3G or EDGE Modem, the latest in internet connection technology in the wholesale market.

Any business person that’s spent a lot of time on the road will tell you that trying to keep their laptop connected to the internet has never been an easy endeavor. The plans are expensive and dial up and broadband connections are never capable of giving you universal coverage.

On the release of smart phones, like the 2G iPhone, the Blackberry and the HTC Mogul, saw ingenious businesspeople use the data allotments set aside for their mobile phones to hook their notebooks to the internet. They do this by ‘tethering’ their phones to their computers.

This isn’t an ideal solution for three reasons:

  1. You’re required to buy expensive hardware in the first place
  2. For arrangements where you get a free (or cheaper phone) you’re locked into a potentially expensive roaming contract.
  3. It means you need two phones as one is dedicated to running the laptop’s internet connection.

Wholesale electronic manufacturers have noticed the move towards tethering and have started making EDGE and 3G modems, which use GSM SIM cards as the driver.

These new types of wholesale modems take the idea of tethering to the next level for the following reasons:

You’re not wasting money on extra features: The problem with buying a phone that will just be used to tether to a laptop or notebook is that it’s probably going to be a smart phone. It will probably likely to be a lot more expensive than other phones and have a whole lot of features including a camera, the ability to store and play MP4 and MP3 files. Among other things.

While this is fantastic for anybody looking for phone it just adds up to wasted money for people using it as a modem. That is where wholesale EDGE modems really shine. Wholesale 3G and EDGE modems are a fifth of the price of smart phones (at the very least) and just do one thing… get you connected to the internet.

high speed 3g usb modem edge and hsdpa edge quadband wireless pcmcia modem sim card internet connect
edge quadband wireless modem sim card internet connection 2 edge quadband wireless modem sim card internet connection 3

Just some of the fantastic 3G and EDGE modems available in China today.

They’re easy to connect: hooking up a dial-up and broadband connection isn’t exactly the easiest process the notebook and tethering your phone isn’t a walk in the park either. Setting up wholesale EDGE modems is just a plug in and play operation.

Good coverage: Anywhere you can get a cell phone signal you can get internet connection. This means that in places like Europe and countries like Japan, New Zealand and the more populated areas of the US have almost unbroken internet access.

You can use more than one phone company:. Any international businessperson will tell you that there’s nothing worse than trying to keep a connection to the internet going when you’re dealing with one provider in different parts of the world. With wholesale EDGE modems changing which provider you use is as easy as putting a different GSM SIM card into the phone.

If you’re tired of paying through the nose for an internet connection that’s hard to set up and isn’t exactly the shining beacon of reliability and you don’t want to offload megabucks on a smart phone then you owe it to yourself to check out the possibilities wholesale EDGE modems offer you.


Author xlxmarketing 27.8.2008. | 16:04
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