GPS Devices Guide: GPS Navigation Devices, 10 GPS Forums and How They Can Save Your Bacon (Part 1)

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GPS devices are so cheap now that almost everyone has or wants one, but which should you choose and what happens if you have questions?


GPSing Around

GPS tracking devices and portable GPS units are hot commodities right now and a lot of online marketers and entrepreneurs are cashing in from this trend. However, constant use will eventually take its toll on these GPS devices: hardware malfunctions, damaged parts, software applications bugging down and a whole lot of problems typical of electronic gadgets.

In this blog let’s look at one type of GPS devices that you can get from Chinavasion, Portable GPS, and the first five handy forums that you can get advice from.


P-P-P-Pick Up A Portable

If I was a traveller I would definitely want a Portable GPS because while I was towing my caravan looking for my next site to set up on, they’d allow me to leave my dusty old maps behind and keep my eyes free to check for suitable farmland.

To be honest though, in today’s high-tech age, who wouldn’t swap maps for a GPS navigation unit?

One of the biggest problems historically has been the costs, as silicon chips and circuit boards are more costly than an A-To-Z, so many people were slow to take the plunge. Instead they preferred to attempt navigation via map whilest driving, or worse, flipping through pages of printed routes from the internet (my personal favourite when I was a rep) whilst weaving around all over the road!

Thanks to the wonders of cheap Chinese labour we at Chinavasion say, “Enough!”

Now everyone can afford a GPS sat-nav unit, and it gets better. Thanks to the Chinese propensity for cramming in a load more functions than you’d expect, the sat-nav that you buy from Chinavasion will be likely to have most or all of these functions:

  • GPS navigation (durr)
  • FM radio
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Media player for films, music and TV
  • eBook reader
  • HD touch screen
  • Picture viewer
  • Rechargeable battery


So with prices from just US$68 to US$200, you’d be crazy not to ditch the map and get involved with Chinavasion’s portable GPS.


Click on any device above to see Chinavasion’s full range of GPS navigation units!

Oh No! I Need Help!

Chinavasion are a wholesaler based in China and as such can’t offer the same level of technical support as, say, a specialist high street store. But this doesn’t mean that if you buy GPS devices from us that you’re on your own.

Your first port of call should be our ‘GPS Explained’ article which is chock full of answers to questions you probably never even had!

Secondly should come the call or email to Chinavasion’s customer support department. They’ll get back to you within 24 hours tops and will take on problems with herculean strength and unwavering bravery. Contact them at .

If you are still unsure, or would just appreciate speaking to someone in your own language or time zone then you should check online. In fact there is a thriving online community of GPS enthusiasts just like you who would be only too happy to discuss any issues with you. You just need to know where to look and that’s where this blog comes in.

You can pick up a thing from a number of GPS forums that could help you fix issues you are encountering with your units. Most of these discussions are combinations of real experiences by users as well as shared technical information and knowledge from hardware and software experts – everything you need to make things work and solve your problems.


Et Tu Brute?

The following are some of the most frequented GPS-related forums and discussion groups. As a user or entrepreneur, it would be wise to join one or more of these forums, get to know the movers and shakers in these discussion groups and be an active part of a community that would later be a valuable source for help with your GPS devices.



GPS Discussion



Website: GPS

Members: 7826

One of the more noticeable elements in the are the latest news feeds from major OEM suppliers that would prove relevant to owners of particular brands of GPS devices. The forum is categorized properly with sections dedicated to certain popular GPS OEM brands as well as a section on Mobile Phone GPS. Aside from that, the forum also features sections on: GPS POIs, Waypoints, and Routes; Mods and Firmware; a For Sale and Wanted section; and GPS device reviews.



GPS Underground




Members: 73,113

Active Members: 59,821

GPS Underground is a big forum on GPS-related topics, despite the fact that it was just recently been hit by a hack attack, apparently from a previously trusted ex-member, destroying a considerable number of posts and threads in the process. The community is vibrant until now with a good percentage of active members against total membership unlike other forums where active members consists only a fraction of the total number of members.

The forum has a paid download section but the publicly available sections of the forum feature GPS navigation systems, OEM brands, maps, software, and information about unlocking GPS devices and updating maps.







Members: 662,002

This large forum is a support service of, which is the official global GPS Cache Hunt Site. It aims to promote geocaching and GPS usage. The discussions include extensive discussions on geocaching, waymarking, benchmark hunting, GPS usage, Wherigo, and Groundspeak-related GPS gaming.

The forum is a valuable resource of everything related to geocaching including geocaching adventures, geocaching groups by region or state, and geocaching groups by country. Aside from that, there are also general GPS-related topics but not as extensive and focused as they do for geocaching.




Members: 13, 054

GPS Reviews is recognized as one of the Top 100 tech blogs by CNet and was mentioned In the Washington Post, Boston Globe and other newspapers. The forum is categorized into different topics which include a discussion section for: general GPS systems; tips, tricks, and mods; GPS recommendations; POI file sharing; discussion on OEM devices and other GPS brands; and sections on GPS software, hardware and smartphones support. Although the forum appears adequate in terms of topics discussed, the layout of the forum itself is too narrow making the threads appear cramped and compacted.



Pocket GPS World




Members: 336, 735

The website is divided into a forum for paid registered members as well as a public access forum that are categorized by brands and other GPS devices. There is a separate discussion on speed cameras used for geospotting as well as other discussion on other GPS related topics. The forum area however is narrow, as sidebars for online ads fill these sections and appears cluttered.


Now you know where to find all the best GPS devices from Chinavasion.

Don’t forget that you can get lots of help from the Chinavasion ‘GPS Explained’ article.

We’ve also looked at the first 5 top GPS forums where you can discuss the finer points of geo-tagging with similarly bearded people, or just get some practical advice regarding set-up for instance.

Tune in next time for Chinavasion’s GPS tracking devices and the next 5 best GPS forums!


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Author xlxmarketing 27.10.2010. | 15:09
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