Bathroom Fun, Meet The DVD Player That Loves Getting Wet

Author xlxmarketing 21.8.2008. | 15:51

Why leave the home theater in the living room? Take it to the bath with the waterproof DVD player.

Waterproof TVs have been around for years, but unless there was something decent on television you were pretty much sunk for entertainment. Meet the waterproof television’s perfect bath time friend, the waterproof DVD player. Simply by mounting this player in your wall you’ll be able to watch all your favorite shows in your bathroom or kitchen. And with a waterproof sliding panel even the most active rubber duckie won’t be able to short out the player.

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Author xlxmarketing 21.8.2008. | 15:51
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  1. DVD player to car August 22, 04:03

    Cool! First when I read the title I thought it’s some funny gadget which is getting wet in some vulgar way…:) I would like to have something like that in my car…

  2. Allen August 23, 18:21

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  3. Gareth August 27, 16:10


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