Chinavasion Bulletin: Invoices, Digital Photo Frame, Layar And Chinavasion On The Web This Week

Author xlxmarketing 15.10.2010. | 11:58

What’s been happening in the world of Chinavasion this week?

Greetings from SE Asia. I hear that it’s already cold in the West and shaping up to be another freezing Winter. We don’t have that here! It’s a bit changeable right now, going from warm and sunny to blustery and wet which has led to many people in the Chinavasion office coming down with coughs and colds!

Hopefully the bite of the economic woes around the world is starting to slacken off a bit, but you’d almost never have known that there was a problem in China as the government here have just released figures showing that foreign trade from Q1 to 3 grew by 50% this year! Who said that China had had her day?

It’s been really great to see a bit of buzz about Chinavasion over the internet this week.

The guys at The Red Ferret Journal have done us proud this week by picking up on not one, but two great Chinavasion products! First they looked at our cool Streetlife biker GPS, which is specially designed for bikers with its glove-friendly interface and attach-anywhere clamp.

The Red Ferret Journal also looked at our delightfully retro Flip Down Clock which can bring not only the time but also that bit of retro, steam-punk style to your desk!

They weren’t the only ones loving the retro flip down clock though! In fact, it was also reviewed by, and So with Christmas edging closer I would certainly say that this should be on your shopping list as a cool stocking-filler for friends and family!

We began the week with part 2 of our Beginner’s Guide To GPS Navigation, and it was great to see in the blog comments that people had found this useful! GPS is a weird one, because for something which is now so accessible and commonplace, its origin and function still remains a mystery to most people. Well not anymore hopefully! You can also read part 1 here, and remember to check out our GPS devices too.

On Wednesday we brought you the second blog of the week as ever, The Story Of A Chinavasion World Exclusive: The LePhone. Chinavasion have gone where no one has been before and brought you China’s latest, greatest Android smart phone.

The LePhone wasn’t available in the rest of the world, so I can’t stress enough how cool this offer is. Yes, you could get a new HTC or Samsung Android smart phone. Yes, they are lovely phones. But so many other people will already have them, you’re hardly going to be left feeling original and different. The LePhone, however, is an unknown quantity. Imagine rocking up at the pub holding this beauty (and it is stunning); people will be blown away!


Adrian’s Pick Of The Week

This week I’ve chosen a product that would definitely go down well with the family at Christmas time, the Mirage – 7 Inch Digital Media Photo Frame + Remote Control. I had one of these on my desk and was using it to display my recent holiday pictures from Thailand. It’s a clever frame as it displays your photos in HD, but will also play video and music. You can even use it as an alarm clock! Given that it’s only $37.42, I’d say that’s pretty good value!


Remember, keep checking the new products page for the latest releases, especially if you’re reselling!



Here Are Some Of The Customer Questions We’ve Been Asked Recently:

“How can I get invoices from Chinavasion?”

It’s a good question and one that’s worth answering in detail, so here goes!

It’s easy to print off an invoice for yourself! Just go to your checkout confirmation page and print this. This will be accepted as an invoice in many circumstances, including as a supplied ‘invoice’ for making a bank transfer to us.

After you log in at Chinavasion you can view the records of your past orders and print invoices from the account panel.

The link is here:

Then select the order for which you need an invoice and click on “view” to see the invoices.
You simply simply need to print by using your keyboard pressing ” Ctrl + P.”

In the event of a clearance problem, you can request a full invoice from us. Just send a ticket to and we’ll get one to you by email ASAP.

If you need invoices for accounting purposes, then you can easily check and print past invoices by going to the ‘view past orders’ section of your Chinavasion account. Select and print whichever ones you need.

To reiterate: We are a wholesaler, not a retailer, therefore it’s not possible for us to provide customised invoices to each customer. We can provide a copy of the invoice sent with your package or we can offer a summary of your purchase with its value in pdf format.





Android App Of The Week

Layar recently won app of the year, so it certainly deserves a mention. It offers you ‘augmented reality,’ which means that if you walk along it will ‘see’ what you’re seeing through your phone’s camera and then offer you all sorts of useful information on that area in real-time. For example, if you’re on a city’s high street, use it to look down the street and you’ll be able to access loads of restaurant reviews, hotels, shops etc. You can even add your comments live.

I guess it takes some getting used to, but I liked that it even gives you directions and distances to spots such as metro stations. It’s available from all of the major Android app sites.


And Finally…


Vinyl is far from dead despite what people might say, but how can you back up your vinyl collection digitally? Here’s how…


audio codec

Author xlxmarketing 15.10.2010. | 11:58
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