How To Shop Online: A Practical Guide To Buying From Chinavasion For Fun And Profit

Author xlxmarketing 18.10.2010. | 09:00

How easy is it to shop with Chinavasion? Easier than captaining the Enterprise! Make it so!


Shopping Online Made Simple

In these days of web 2.0, micro-blogging and web domains you’d think that shopping online would be easy, but it’s still a mine-field!

I’ve said before that it drives me mad when I visit a website and find it hard to work out what to do, how to order things or just get around the site! In fact, I probably wouldn’t persevere and would go to another more friendly site instead!

Here at Chinavasion we believe in being a friendly online wholesaler, and we’ve got several ways to help everyone get around our site and order from us easily.


Stairway To Heaven

If it isn’t easy to use our site then you won’t enjoy shopping with Chinavasion. It’s common-sense then to make it easy!

In order to really be comfortable with shopping online with a website I think you need to be comfortable with these steps:

    1. Understanding the site’s policies, your rights and the process of using the site.


    1. Being able to buy from the site.


  1. Knowing how to get in touch with the site.


The Knowldgebase

Have you heard of the Chinavasion knowledgebase? No? Where have you been!?

Because we are a wholesaler in China and don’t have a physical store it’s important that we can still offer our customers around the world help and advice 24/7. This is why we’ve created the knowledgebase which is jam-packed with useful information on everything from shipping methods to customs-clearance.

Click on the support button at the top of the main Chinavasion home page to discover the knowledgebase.

Once you’re in you’ll see a screen like this, full of information categories. Click on any of the headings to open the page of information. Easy!

The Chinavasion Knowledgebase has all of the answers. Here’s a run down of the categories:

So now you have access to all of the ‘small print’ and many other questions you might have. Check out the Chinavasion Knowledgebase! You’ll be surprised at what you find!


Shop Until You Drop

Ok, now you’ve got the information you need, but on to more important matters…how do you start shopping for fun and profit!?

There are two ways in which we can help you:

    1. You should take a look at the ‘How To Order’ Knowledgebase article. This takes you through the shopping process in 8 easy-to-follow steps.


  1. Reading not your bag? Never fear. We have also got a Youtube video tutorial directed by James Cameron some guy and created at great expense!

He Ain’t Heavy…

There can be times when you need that little bit more support than can be found on the site. In this case our English-speaking customer support team is standing by to help you on the phone (+86 755 26451869), through live chat (it’s like skype or MSN) or by email.

You can chat, MSN style, with our customer support live during our office hours by clicking on the live chat link in the top right hand corner of the Chinavasion.

So there you have it. Three ways to feel completely comfortable with shopping online with Chinavasion. Happy shopping and we’ll see you soon!


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Author xlxmarketing 18.10.2010. | 09:00
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