8GB MP4/MP3 Player With 3-Inch LCD — Ban Boredom From The Bus

Author xlxmarketing 13.8.2008. | 08:16

Lets face it… if you’re looking for an MP3/MP4 Player for the bus ride home you don’t want some flash-bang model that only acts as chum (that’s burley (en.wiktionary.org/wiki/burley) to the antipodean readers) to every two-bit thief, mugger and undesirable that happen to be in the same vicinity as you. You just want something that has fantastic playback, hold all the songs you want, take a couple of knocks and has a decent screen so you don’t go blind and won’t be regarded as the elephant man of personal MP4’s… Enter the 8GB mp4 player with a 3-inch screen. The MP4 for people who just want to get things done.

8GB MP4/MP3 Player with 3 Inch LCD – Video File King Edition [CVSC-221-ORANGE-8GB]

How is the 8GB MP4 Player with 3-inch LCD unique?

Most other MP4’s are a flash bang model that’ll hold lots of songs/videos but won’t do much with them. Others do little more than bait thieves with their tempting brand names and potential value to Dave, who buys and sells out of cars in the back of pubs. This MP4 comes with a giant 3-inch screen, will take a couple of knocks. Doesn’t look like that sibling you’ve got locked in the basement, it has an inbuilt speaker and it’ll let you record from FM radio. How cool is that?

Who would buy the 8GB MP4 Player with 3-inch LCD?

Music lovers, teenagers and commuters would love this MP4 player

Why would someone buy the 8GB MP4 Player with 3-inch LCD?

Who wants to stare at a tiny screen from getting from the job/school to your home or the home to your job/school? You want something that’ll look good, sound great, has a decent-sized screen and doesn’t mind a few knocks or attract the eyes of every two-bit thief in a five meter radius. That is definitely the 8GB MP4 player with 3-inch LCD screen. An MP4 which doesn’t only beat other players at its own game it does so at a cost that’ll make the odd taxi ride possible.

Attention dropshippers, when it comes to profitable wholesale dropship items they don’t come much bigger than this. Here’s a MP4 model that looks great, has a high resale value and is light enough not to incur the wrath of the courier company, what more could you ask for?.

What eBay keywords can I use?

MP4 player, MP3 Player, 3 Inch LCD MP4, Personal Media Player, PMP, iPod, iTouch, 8GB MP4, China MP4

What will the 8GB MP4 Player with 3-inch LCD cost per unit?

Chinavasion: $61.79(Item will cost less if more than one piece is ordered)

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Author xlxmarketing 13.8.2008. | 08:16
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