Premium E Cigarette, ‘Smoke’ Your Way To Freedom

Author xlxmarketing 11.8.2008. | 17:21

Soul singer Donny Hathaway ( would tell you that “giving up is hard to do”. If you’re a smoker you probably understand that better than most. It’s not just a habit it’s an addiction thanks to that wonderful chemical demon called nicotine. Thankfully, there’s something out that will let you exorcise one demon at a time. The e cigarette anti smoking aid doesn’t only look taste, feel and behave like a normal cigarette (apart from the cancer-giving that is) it also comes in a realistic cigarette carton.

E Cigarette Anti Smoking Aid – Premium Edition Packaging [CVSBP-5801]

How is the premium edition e-cigarette anti-smoking aid unique?We’ve given you an e cigarette before. It looks just like a normal cigarette, feels like a normal cigarette and will even pump out ‘smoke’. That wasn’t enough for us and to lift the bar we produced a box that will make the illusion complete. Beat that David Blaine.

Who would buy the premium edition e-cigarette anti-smoking aid?

Smokers trying to quit

Why would someone buy the premium edition e-cigarette anti-smoking aid?

Patches are passe, hypnosis is hit and miss, cold turkey can be cruel and will power is so hard to harness. Any smoker will tell you you’re not just dealing with chemical here you’re dealing with a pattern of behavior too. With the premium edition e-cigarette anti-smoking aid you just pull the ‘smoke’ out of the packet and puff away. You’re not actually lighting anything so you’re not getting the tar and you’re slowly getting weaned off that nasty nasty nicotine.

What eBay keywords can I use?

anti smoking, quit smoking, anti smoking aid,

What will the premium edition e-cigarette anti-smoking aid cost per unit?

Chinavasion: US$20.95

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Author xlxmarketing 11.8.2008. | 17:21
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