Home Theater, How Digital Devices Remove The Clutter And Let You Record

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If you asked what the two curses of the modern-day home theater were you’d probably be told the clutter of years and years of accumulated DVDs and VCRs and the inability to save TV shows on DVDs. We’ve just found an easy solution to both problems.

universal satellite tv receiver for pc dvbshd wireless media center hard disc plus wifi pc connection

Bringing the home theater into the digital age has never been easier than with the satellite TV receiver and hd wireless media center with hard disk


VCRs and DVDs have their relative strengths and different roles in the home theater system. One works as a recording device while the other stores a massive amount of information and produced better pictures and better sounds for longer.

For 10 years or more sound and picture quality gradually beat out the ability to record music and TV shows for many people with the CD player replacing the cassette and VCR as the central driver of the home theatre system.

But that hasn’t fixed the clutter problem and still leaves a gaping hole in the reason for purchasing a home theater system or designing their very own custom home theater, and that is to enjoy the shows beamed into their homes via the television.

It’s time for the VCR and DVD to shift from their places at the center of the home theater system and make way for the media server, satellite TV receivers, media centers and hard disk media player… the new home kings of home entertainment.

Enter media servers, satellite TV receivers and media centers. The new generation of drivers for the home theater don’t only remove the clutter and guarantee higher playback quality for longer they let you record from the TV again.

Read Home Theater, Seven Reasons Why UPnP Spells Love for an introduction to media servers and how they can bring your home theater into the 21st century.

So what are satellite TV receivers, media centers and hard disk media players when they’re at home and how can they transform your home theater experience?

universal satellite tv reciever for pc dvbs Satellite TV Receiver

The satellite TV receiver is a little box that sits on top of the TV or computer which receives DVBT/ATSC (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_terrestrial_television) signals and puts them on your screen.

Satellite TV receivers most resemble VCRs in that they are able to store tv shows for later viewing. The most famous of these is the TiVO system.

DVB S receivers, or satellite TV receivers remove cumbersome and problematic video cassette from the home theater system but that isn’t their biggest benefit.

Satellite receivers can very easily be programmed to record anything at odd hours on a continuing basis (anybody ever successfully program their VCR please let me know) and will automatically fast forward through ad breaks.

Some units, like Chinavasion’s satellite TV receiver even include child locks to help parents make sure their children watch only suitable programs.


hd wireless media center hard disc plus wifi pc connection Media Centers/ Hard Disk Media Players

Media centers, or hard disk media players as they are sometimes called, are just a hard disk (like the one used in your computer) used to store photos, movies and songs rather than documents.

Because everything goes onto a disk it means that you are able to fit almost all of your VCR/DVD collection onto one small unit, freeing up space in the house.

Some units, like the Apple TV and Chinavasion’s HD wireless media center hard disk with WiFi and PC connection also act as wireless media centers (a hybrid between media servers and media centers) where it doesn’t only store material on its hard drive but it gives you access to your computer as well.

Our HD wireless media center hard disk with WiFi and PC connection is one model that extends its versatility by playing 11 digital video formats, multiple audio and picture codecs as well as having a host of inputs to make sure it can be used with any home theater system.

Bringing the home theater into the digital age is as easy as hooking a few boxes to your system, which doesn’t need to be hard if you’re using UPnP and wireless network streaming.

And with Chinavasion’s range of affordable digital TV options you can be sure that your home theater system is up-to-date in the 21st century even if some of the more expensive parts aren’t.

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Author xlxmarketing 8.8.2008. | 16:02
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  1. Toni November 17, 08:51

    I have two questions related with the HD wireless media center. It has the same functions as the ‘UPnP High Definition Media Server – Wireless Media Streaming’ gadget plus the HD storaging function? and Can I use it with Mac OS?

    Please, respond me…I thinking on buy any of these two!!!


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