Big Screen TV Phone With Dual Sim Cards On YouTube, Getting A Closer Look At the Big Screen

Author xlxmarketing 6.8.2008. | 07:58

Hands up who likes the iPhone, and ROKR. Now, if you’re in the US hands up if you hate being locked to one network or dislike having to change all your favorite tunes to a specific format. Now come and take a closer look at our big screen TV phone with dual SIM with our brand new video. Who said wholesale mobile phones didn’t have flair.

The big screen TV phone with dual SIM is definitely music to our ears.

It was 47 videos ago (That’s almost our half-century if you’re playing cricket) that some of the guys here a Chinavasion started making videos and putting them on YouTube. The drive to give people interested in our red-hot gadgets a closer look at the the products has been heavy and we just had to give people a better idea what one of our most popular model of wholesale mobile phones, the big screen TV phone with dual SIM, was like.

big screen tv phone with dual sim

We’re quite proud of it… not only will it let you choose the network you want and play MPEG movies and MP3 files but it also has a thumping speaker and a wickedly cool screen (not to mention a TV aerial and video camera and still camera to boot) but we’ve put more about it in an earlier blog on the bigscreen TV phone anyway.

Watch, enjoy and hopefully in the coming weeks we’ll be bringing you some hands-on reviews of some of our items.

Author xlxmarketing 6.8.2008. | 07:58
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  1. Outdoor Gadgets August 6, 23:02

    Wow – look at the size of that screen. Anyone who uses slingbox or Hava technology is going to want this thing for sure. Nothing can compare with the size of it and it has dual SIM.

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