Waterproof DVD Player, When You Want To Watch Jaws While On The Water

Author xlxmarketing 5.8.2008. | 03:42

Let’s face it… going out for an extended trip on the water is not the most exciting prospect ever. Sure it’s peaceful. Sure it’s tranquil. But you can only for so long you can stare at blue on blue for so long. If the fish aren’t biting or you happen to have a copy of the latest lucky catch that you want to share with the group you might just want to check out the waterproof DVD player for boat or bathroom entertainment. Because sometimes Jaws, ‘The Perfect Storm’ or ‘Into The Blue’ require an aquatic setting.

Waterproof DVD Player – Boat or Bathroom Entertainment [CVSF-1008]

How is the waterproof DVD player for boat or bathroom entertainment unique?

How many other DVD players do you know of that can be mounted directly into the wall of the bathroom or hull of a boat and sealed off for completely safe viewing in a wet environment. Sure you can bring the TV into the bathroom but never before have you been able to set up a complete home theater in your bathroom or boat before.

Who would buy the waterproof DVD player for boat or bathroom entertainment?

Fishermen and women, charter boat owners, tour guides, long distance yachties and home renovators would love this player.

Why would someone buy the high capacity solar charger battery for waterproof DVD player for boat or bathroom entertainment?

Nothing is happening on the water. It’s as flat as a pancake. The fish aren’t biting and the beer is almost out. You’ve heard that bloody joke about the archbishop and the actress (just twist the first thing you can grab) three times already and it’s just about time to call it a day.

The waterproof DVD adds another arrow to your quiver in the fight against boredom. It’ll keep you and your buddies entertained if you’re out for a while. It’ll keep your clients enthralled or help sell that trip video you thought was a mistake making if you run a charter boat or tour service. And if you’re at home what could be better than putting in a DVD before having a long, hot, luxurious bath?

EBay traders and online shop owners. The waterproof is truly unique and has appeal to many different groups. And what’s better the high perceived value and low bulk of the player (just 70mm long 227mm wide and 162mm deep) make it the perfect item to stock using Chinavasion’s fantastic wholesale dropship service.

What eBay keywords can I use?

DVD player, waterproof DVD player, boat equipment, boat fittings bathroom accessories, bathroom and kitchen accessories

What will the waterproof DVD player for boat or bathroom entertainment cost per unit?

Chinavasion: $150.00(Item will cost less if more than one piece is ordered)

If you like this DVD player, then you’ll love Chinavasion’s latest Portable DVD Players! Find them here on the site: China Wholesale Portable DVD Players.

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Author xlxmarketing 5.8.2008. | 03:42
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