Wireless Dental Camera, Getting Up Close And Personal With Your Teeth

Author xlxmarketing 31.7.2008. | 18:22

There’s only one sound that’s worse than the sound of the dentists pump sucking the saliva from your over-secreting glads… and that’s the sound of the dentist inhaling when they see the inside of your mouth (although the scream you make when you see the bill could run a close third). Find out what the story is before you hear that sound with Chinavasion’s wireless dental camera with USB and AV inputs and share the ‘beauty’ of your mouth with your friends or family.

Wireless Dental Camera – AV or USB Connection [CVSD-624]

How is the wireless dental camera unique?

You’d have to go a long way in the gadget world to find a macro camera that let you get a picture of your own mouth if that’s what you wanted to do for kicks. For the longest time Chinavasion’s Dental Intra-Oral Camera was the only way to do it. Now you can get it done without the wires. And with an AV and a USB output on the receiver you can disgust somebody at the computer and somebody watching TV at the same time.

Who would buy the wireless dental camera?

Hypochondriacs, dental students, backyard scientists and fans of the human anatomy would definitely get a kick out of this gadget.

Why would someone buy the wireless dental camera?

The worst part of going to the dentist is not knowing what’ they’re going to find. You know, for an orifice so close to your eyes it’s very hard to know what’s going on in there. And using the family camcorder to get a picture will only result in a stretched jaw and a lot of questions.

Thankfully, there’s the wireless dental camera. just by plugging the receiver into the TV with the AV cable, or into the computer with the USB cable (or even into both places at the same time) you’ll be able to instantly see exactly what your dentist is seeing in higher definition without having to lie down and say “ahhh”. How does that sound?

What eBay keywords can I use?

dental camera, wireless dental camera, intraoral, dental care, medical product

What will the wireless dental camera cost per unit?

Chinavasion: This product will cost US$100.78 per unit, but will cost less if more are ordered.

Author xlxmarketing 31.7.2008. | 18:22
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  1. Gadgets August 1, 03:47

    Interesting but possibly should be expanded on? Their is a product on the Japanese market for use in ears, nose, etc. Perhaps one device with different removable/disposable tips could be used to cover all the areas that are hard to see alone or without having to ask someone else to examine for you.

  2. Jeff August 6, 08:46

    I am not a dentist ot anything, just came across this blog and the one I am about to post. Wondering if these cameras (I dont even know if they are the same type of cameras you talk about) actually helps dentists somehow?

    Here’s the link: http://www.ipevo.com/blog/?p=621

  3. Pittsburgh Dentist May 30, 23:30

    This is a very interesting product for both home and professional dental use. I would like to see more dentists using this.

  4. dental imaging July 11, 01:40

    The use of dental camera can be considered as a great solution for the patients who would like to know the condition of their teeth. Besides that, the use of this camera will help you in finding the right path where you need to do some treatment.

  5. Doylestown Teeth Whitening April 30, 14:26

    Nice posting, thanks for sharing with us. It is more useful for me. Awesome post.

  6. Dental Imaging Equipment May 10, 18:50

    This gadget proves that technology gives a big part for the field of dentistry. This can help to make their work more efficiency and easier. Dentist would love to have a wireless dental camera.

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