Electronic Digital Caliper, Accurate Measurements No Matter What

Author xlxmarketing 30.7.2008. | 13:12

So, someone has questioned the accuracy of your measurements. Sort them out with the stainless steel electronic digital caliper. Because digital readouts don’t lie.

Electronic Digital Caliper – Stainless Steel Construction [CVSB-886]

How is the stainless steel electronic digital caliper unique?

If you’re a plumber, builder or mechanic you’ve seen calipers before. they’re steel, they’re usually accurate and they’re as boring as hell. These digital calipers take measurement to the next level(you could even say they do measurement 2.0… but we wouldn’t go there) with a huge screen, the ability to flick between inches and millimeters instantly and the ability to measure inner with outer width and depth.

Who would buy the stainless steel electronic digital caliper?

If you’re a mechanic, an engineer, a builder, a hobbyist or if you just need accurate measurements in your life then you’re going to want to take a closer look at these.

Why would someone buy the stainless steel electronic digital caliper?

Calipers are fantastic when you’re measuring. But they’re so hard to see you’d think you’d go blind trying to decipher what number is lined up where.

That’s not a problem you’re going to have with these digital calipers. They project an accurate reading right onto the screen in a measurement that can be easily switched between metric and imperial, so no more mental arithmetic. And with the ability to measure the inner and outer length, as well as depth you know you’ve got your measurements sorted no matter what it is.

If you’re selling guy gadgets, tools or DIY equipment online then this items size, price and novelty factor will make it a sure wholesale dropship tool to bring traffic to your site.

What eBay keywords can I use?

digital calipers, building tools, digital measurement, construction tools, DIY,

What will the stainless steel electronic digital caliper cost per unit?

Chinavasion: $28.13(Item will cost less if more than one piece is ordered)

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Author xlxmarketing 30.7.2008. | 13:12
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  1. Lancy November 2, 11:22

    You should also have to know how to use and read digital calipers correctly. Just click here http://www.tresnainstrument.com/how_to_use_digital_calipers.html and you will get many useful information about it.

  2. Multilayer PCB December 22, 17:43

    Great looking gadget at a great price. I’m really considering switching from my old analogue caliper to this wonder.

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