Be An Urban Commando With Chinavasion’s New Throat Mic

Author xlxmarketing 22.9.2010. | 09:00

The armed forces have always been a breeding ground for new technology and now Chinavasion have another Army-inspired gadget suitable for you urban commandos!


Chinavasion. Not Just For Media Players

Chinavasion is probably best known for being China’s premier source of great value MP4 players, mobile phones and car entertainment systems. But did you know that we offer a whole load of slightly less conventional gadgets?

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Urban Commando

Recently Chinavasion have launched a new Throat Mic Set [CVLB-A60] which is a perfect complement to walkie talkies and two way radios.

Throat what?

A throat mic, or laryngophone, was originally developed for use by the armed forces because it picks up your voice even when there is a lot of background noise. It is essentially a strap with sensors that touch your throat and read the vibrations created by when you speak.

Because it works on your throat’s vibration it is great for use in loud environments such as planes, helicopters, tanks and battle as it can actually reduce up to 90% of the background noise! On the other hand it can also pick up just a whisper, so it is also perfect for black ops and other instances where stealth is needed.

Chinavasion’s new throat mic is great as it is compatible with most walkie talkies and two way radios, you just need to plug it into the device with its 2.5 or 3.5mm jack (it has both) and you’re good to go!

So now thanks to Chinavasion this super-effective and cool technology can be in your hands, not the Army’s!


Why would I need a throat mic?

You don’t have to be Arnie to benefit from a throat mic!

In fact there are so many uses for civvies, that you can go from John Doe to GI Joe in as long as it takes for you to go to checkout with this item!

Uses for a throat mic

  • Construction work
  • Nightclub / bar staff
  • Stadium staff
  • Pilot / Helicopter pilot
  • Grounds keeper
  • Racing driver / Track day enthusiast
  • Biker
  • Convertible car owner
  • Hunter
  • Fisherman
  • Paintball enthusiast
  • Exhibition staff
  • Department store / shop staff



So you like the sound of sneaking around with the throat mic equipped? Fancy yourself as a bit of a Solid Snake? Well you’ll need a set of walkie talkies as well.

Fortunately Chinavasion have just the set for you, the Long Range Walkie Talkie Set (UHF, 220v)[CVSB-J48-220V] which are fully compatible with the throat mic and are already a hot seller!

These walkie talkies are the most reliable, convenient, and at the same time the most economical way to keep in touch with other members of your team. They come complete with rechargeable batteries + charging stations and easy to follow instructions so you can start using them within minutes of receiving your package.

This set of walkie talkies even has separately available rechargeable battery packs so you can make sure that you’re never out of juice, or just keep spares for an emergency.


Combat Collection

So with the Throat Mic set [CVLB-A60] combined with the Long Range Walkie Talkie Set (UHF, 220v)[CVSB-J48-220V] you can be an urban commando and easily look as hard as Bruce Willis, Arnie or DeNiro!

The combined price of this combat collection? Just US$112.98!


Author xlxmarketing 22.9.2010. | 09:00
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    Looking for blue tooth throat mic for cel phone

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