Multimedia Mobile Phone with Lights, Putting The Funk Into Functional

Author xlxmarketing 21.7.2008. | 20:23

Take a Personal Media Player that’ll handle most codecs, mash it with a phone that’ll take two SIMs and work in most regions and throw in a dazzling LED display and what do you get…the
funky dual SIM touchscreen multimedia mobile phone with lights, the coolest in competitively priced multimedia phones.

The funky dual sim touchscreen multimedia mobile phone with lights (CVSC-208) is the perfect media phone for people looking for a competitively-priced phone.

The naughties are drawing to an end and if you asked most people to name the technological developments ( that changed their lives and defined the generation they would probably list three technological developments which were first made in the 1990’s:

  • The spread of the internet.
  • The gradual increase of MP3 and MP4 Players (
  • And the global dominance of cell phones ( and wholesale mobile phones.

Indeed, MP3 players, MP4 players and mobile phones have gone from being a luxury item to a necessity and with the growing convergence trend have morphed from two gadgets to one.

It is unfortunate then that most of the media player capable cell phones are usually priced out of the reach of the general public and force the user to covert their media into propitiatory formats.

Thankfully, a phone has arrived onto the market that is not only fairly priced it also frees its owners from the constraints of proprietary media formats. That phone is the Funky Dual Sim Touchscreen Multimedia Mobile Phone with Lights. Here’s a list of reasons why we think, as a music lover, you’d be hard pressed to find a better phone for your multimedia needs:

It’s more than willing to play most music formats
it doesn’t matter if you’re talking about brand name media players like the iPod or Zune or multimedia phones like the iPhone they usually require you to purchase specially formatted tunes from a special store, or at least put it through special software before you can use it.

This is one phone that will play MP3, WMA, WAV, AMR and AWB formats straight out of the box.

It plays AVI and MPEG4 files
What is true for music is certainly true for movie files. This phone will play AVI and MPEG4 files without any trouble.

2GB of expandable memory
It doesn’t matter whether it’s a MP3 player, MP4 player or a wholesale mobile phone with multimedia capabilities, if it doesn’t have a decent memory capacity it can play any file it wants and still not be useful.

This phone comes with 1GB of memory with the capacity to increase that space to 2GB.

It has a loud, high-performance speaker
Sometimes the tunes you’ve got are so good you’ve just got to share them… This is often way you can sort out the real multimedia phones from the pretenders. With the Funky Dual Sim Touchscreen Multimedia Mobile Phone with Lights you’ve got a phone with a speaker sure to compete with the best of them.

It has a built-in FM radio receiver
The entertainment capabilities of multimedia mobile phones shouldn’t be limited to files saved on the phone itself. With a FM radio receiver this is a phone that is capable of picking up any station between 87.5-108Mhz.

It has the EQ settings To get the sound you want
Another test to separate the real multimedia phones from the rest is the ability to adjust the equalization to suit the type of music you’re playing. This phone will let you adjust the sound to suit any type of music be it jazz, dance, classical, party, pop, rock or music with lots of bass or treble.

It has LEDs to give the phone flair
To really set yourself apart from the crowd you’ve got to set yourself apart from the crowd. This does this via colorful LEDs framing the screen. Not only will they make your phone stand out from the rest it will also make a useful reminder to alert you to incoming calls.

It has quad band guarantee’s coverage
All the memory capabilities, flexabillity over media codecs and general functionality of the phone won’t help if your phone won’t get any coverage. With a quad band receiver built into the phone you’ll be sure to get coverage anywhere.

There’s a couple of other things about this phone that rock, including its ability to hold and use two SIM cards and the same time as well as the simple fact that it’s unlocked meaning you can hook up to any network you want that make this phone really something.

If you’re a digital media fan then you’ve got to check out the Funky Dual Sim Touchscreen Multimedia Mobile Phone with Lights. It mashes the abilities of MP4 players and mobile phones for less than you’d think

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Author xlxmarketing 21.7.2008. | 20:23
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