Chinavasion On The World Wide Web, EBay Rounding Up Sellers

Author xlxmarketing 18.7.2008. | 12:34

EBay live has finished and the news is out….the site doesn’t want to share its sellers…. with ANYONE. Click on this link to find out what the results of the eBay Live conference were…

eBay Stops sellers from going offsite

EBay wants to keep its sellers all to itself (raw image from

It doesn’t matter if you use a wholesale dropship service or buy in bulk the eBay live conference is big news in the e-commerce world so most people selling items on the internet stopped and watched this month’s eBay Live conference with a great deal of interest.

With recent feedback changes, digital media product ban and fee changes this year’s eBay live conference promised to be a fiery time with much ‘robust’ discussion many arguments between sellers and the people in charge of eBay.

Those looking for controversy weren’t disappointed, although it didn’t come from the expected quarter.

Rather the excitement from many came from eBay’s move to contain their sellers.

According to One site the eBay management has put several new rules in place to stop sellers re-directing traffic off eBay to their own site, suggesting they’ve been paying attention to what’s been going on at Facebook.

These rules include:

  • You aren’t able to add links to pages outside of eBay anywhere in your listings or other personal pages, even in your About Me section
  • You can’t give your email address at the bottom of your listing…and are forced to use eBay’s email system instead.

It will be interesting to see what effect this has on online vendors who use eBay strictly as a marketing tool to bring people to their own site but there’s probably people figuring out work arounds to this as we speak which may include sending out more promotional material with items that you sell. but we’ll keep you posted.

ebay buy it now button

This is potentially in line with another change reported by the Telegraph which said the portal was moving away from smaller sellers and redesigning their service more towards eBay Powersellers with a little more emphasis on the ‘buy now button’ rather than auctions.

All the negative press in the world isn’t hitting the company nearly as hard as the downturn in the economy and, according to eBay Strategies the analysts are getting twitchy.

Chinavasion did a little branching out of its own recently opening up its own Japan store front.

Chinavasion on the world-wide web

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Chinavasion in video


Chinavasion Wholesale Discount Levels

Chinavasion Introduction Video

Author xlxmarketing 18.7.2008. | 12:34
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