Stunning Silver 8GB MP4 Player – Who Said Solid Isn’t Sexy

Author xlxmarketing 16.7.2008. | 11:13

Tired of all those MP4s that feel like they could be crushed by a toddler. Here’s a stunning silver 8GB MP4 playerthat will not only fill you with confidence about its construction but, with an 8GB flash memory, hold anything you throw at it.

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secure rfid 25 inch sata hdd enclosure

Stunning Silver 8GB MP4 Player – Full Metal Construction [CVSJ-1305]

How is the stunning silver 8GB MP4 player unique?

It’s seems that all too often now that the MP4s you see on the market today are flimsy pieces of plastic that fall apart with a moment’s notice. So when an MP4 like this one comes along that is encased completely in a solid sexy steel alloy casing then you know it’s going to be a hit with consumers.

Who would buy the stunning silver 8GB MP4 player?

More mature music lovers would love this device.

Why would somebody buy the stunning silver 8GB MP4 player?

You want an MP4 that stands out from the crowd and feels like it won’t fall to pieces after six months but you don’t want to give up memory capacity or functionality. This MP4 is meant for you. The sleek sexy silver steel alloy shell holds a generous 2.8 inch screen, 8GB of memory, a micro sd card port to make it easy to share information between devices. What more could you ask for in a player?

As a dropship vendor looking for gadgets from China’s top wholesale dropship source they don’t come much better than this. It’s smooth appearance and competitive price make it the ultimate draw card to bring traffic to your site and increase sales.

What eBay search engine keywords can I use?

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What will the stunning silver 8GB MP4 player cost per unit?

Chinavasion: USD$68.75 (Item will cost less if more than one piece is ordered)

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Author xlxmarketing 16.7.2008. | 11:13
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  1. Electronic Gadgets July 16, 21:46

    Sleek design and interesting concept on button placement. The quest continues to find a popular MP4 player and this one looks to be quite good.

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