Wholesale Dropship Vendors, Add Value Or Lose Custom Part 2

Author xlxmarketing 15.7.2008. | 11:28

EBay traders and online shop owners, do you source your products from a wholesale dropship company? Then your customer base may be at risk. Read this blog to find out how you can protect your customer base without causing any discomfort. Part two of a two-part blog.

Giving your customers a little extra value for money will keep them happy and loyal

In July 14th blog we talked about how adding value to items, be it through improved service and guarantees, or free gifts and special deals when you source from a wholesale dropship company. So why exactly these things and how can they be used?

Read Part One of this blog to find out why, as a dropship vendor, adding value to your products is essential

Warranty and customer service

You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to work out that the biggest issue people have with shopping online is trust. They don’t know whether they can trust somebody they have never seen or talked to in person with their money, despite the e-commerce industry being here since 1995.

For this reason warranties make an excellent way for you to add value to an item sourced from a dropship company from China or wherever your dropship source may be based.

Some electronics dropshipping companies and wholesale dropship firms already give you a 12 month warranty, but even an extension of another couple of months will make your customers think twice about going to the source for the same item.

Having an excellent customer service policy is a great way to add value for customers.

Giving your customers an excellent level of customer service right through the dropshipping process

is another way to improve customer relations and increase customer loyalty. If your customer knows they can contact you at any time if they have any problems with the product they bought through you then why would they go to the dropship wholesalers for the same item?

Free digital content or special deals for the customer

Free gifts can be a powerful incentive for customers and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical item. In this day and age customers are more than happy to pay a higher price if they get a game, e-book, software or song with their device when they buy it.

Breaking Copyright Laws

breaking copyright laws these days is a perilous activity

One important thing to note with digital content is the importance of copyright. It’s important you have the right to distribute whatever you give away otherwise that goodwill you have with customers could quite quickly turn sour.

Another way is by offering a buy one get one free offer, or some deal by where they get a special discount if they spend more in your store. These special deals are considered to be win-win because you get more money because your customer gets a little appreciation for doing business with you. Another option is VIP memberships where people who shop at your store get a special discount if they have a card.

By adding value you are doing more than just ensuring customer loyalty. You are showing them that you respect their business and want to thank them for doing their shopping with you.

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Author xlxmarketing 15.7.2008. | 11:28
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