Wholesale Dropship Vendors, Add Value Or Lose Custom

Author xlxmarketing 14.7.2008. | 20:22

EBay traders and online shop owners, do you source your products from a dropship company? Then your customer base may be at risk. Read this blog to find out how you can protect your customer base without causing any discomfort.

Giving your customers a little extra value for money will keep them happy and loyal

If you’re an eBay trader or online vendor using a drop shipping supplier I’d like you to stop reading this article for a minute and mentally answer this question:

Am I giving my customers enough bang for their buck?

“But why this question and why is it just targeted at vendors and traders who use a dropship company to handle logistics?” I hear you ask.

Adding value to products in some way, be it through services or additional products, is a good idea for anybody selling anything online but it is essential for those who use a wholesale dropship company to get their goods to their customers.

It is the only way they can put their hands over their heart and say they are treating their customers fairly while, at the same time, ensuring their customers stay with them and don’t start buying thing from another online source.

Besides all the other eBay traders and online sellers who would just love to take your customers there’s also the dropshipping firms as well. Because, with no minimum order quantity and, no entry fee (in most cases) why, if you don’t add any value, would your customer pay more for the product when they could get it much cheaper from the source once they find it.


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While almost every dropship wholesale companies won’t send out advertising material in boxes or mark boxes in a way which will allow customers to track purchases back to them it doesn’t mean that your customers are nicely tucked away in your database and won’t go scurrying off to a cheaper source if you don’t give them some sort of special treatment.

The challenge then is to add value to products to ensure that your customers stay loyal to you and wouldn’t mind paying the higher price for the item at your online shop even if they knew which dropshiper of wholesale electronics they could get it from.

While, in most cases, you’d be unable to put anything in the box as you’re not the one packing it, there are a number of ways that you could make sure your customers are more than happy to stay loyal to you.

Some ways and offers, which should result in a successful sale and happy, loyal customers include:

  • Warranties
  • High levels of customer service all the way through and after the sales process
  • Free digital content
  • Extensive marketing and branding
  • Special deals for the customer

So why are those things on the list and how can they increase sales and customer loyalty without blowing your budget and earnings out of the water?

Read Part Two of this blog to find out in more detail how to add value to products to guarantee more sales

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Author xlxmarketing 14.7.2008. | 20:22
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  1. fornetti August 31, 09:13

    I do not believe this

  2. Debbie May 24, 22:23

    I have ordered my first drop ship item for my customer. I am terrified he will get charged customs and taxes!!!! I am concerned I will loose a great deal having to reimburse customers who have been charged by customs. I don’t know any other drop shipper to gain experience.

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